Sarcan’s Guide / Philosophy on Weapon Choices and Deck Building

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I found this guide and thought it might be useful to some of you guys who are having a hard time grasping the way the deck building works (I read it and still don't really under stand it 100%). I'm going with the Gunslinger deck for the Illuminati which is pistols and elemental. I guess that means I'm a support class with [STATE SYNERGY] in Hindered state (rooting), [TRIGGER SYNERGY] Crit Hit, and a chain subtype (a shot that bounces between enemies). The great thing is that I kind of was starting to figure that out on my own. At least now, I know that's what role my character plays in a group.

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How far along in the Gunslinger deck are you and are you happy with it?

So far I completed the first 2 tiers of skills in the pistols and elemental trees and am finding their combination pretty underwhelming (Then again, I'm mostly playing solo, which probably isn't a good idea with a support class). Thinking about cutting my losses and changing to a blade/blood magic combo.

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I'm doing gunslinger and I'm pretty happy with it for soloing. It seems to have a lot of hinders, and since the majority of mobs in Kingsmouth and Savage Coast are melee, you can avoid a bunch of damage while burning them down. I have trouble with bad pulls and big mobs though. It's definitely a build where you have to move around a bit to avoid damage.

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@dyong: Thanks.

I ended up switching for a blade/ar build for the time being since those moth things in Savage Coast were wrecking me, but I'll revisit gunslinger later.

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I didn't go for a deck, I just pick ability's I like, and mostly go for passive ability's that weaken or do more damage to weakened foes. But Im all over the place.

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pistols are actually pretty weak sauce they are good support and can provide nice debuffs and synergy with a lot of different weapons but are really best served in a group not solo.

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