Spare Buddy Key

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#1 Edited by bitterninja (84 posts) -

Do any of you guys have a spare buddy key so I can try this out? if its good and I end up buying the game I will be more than happy to pay it forward. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Got one now thanks.

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#2 Posted by RiceEatin2010GT (56 posts) -

i would also be greatfull if someone had a key i could use <333

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#3 Edited by zigx (96 posts) -

First person to PM me with their email can have my extra buddy key.

Edit:'s gone. Thanks for playing everyone!

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#4 Posted by odglock (4 posts) -

I'd also be interested if anyone else has an extra one. The game is $39 on right now. If it's good I'd deff pick it up for that price.

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#5 Posted by OverLord00 (173 posts) -

I'd be interested in one also, I'm starting to get tired of playing WoW, but I don't want to put down the cash for this game yet.

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#6 Posted by rathantoras (215 posts) -

I got a spare key, send me a pm for it.

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#7 Posted by Vao (348 posts) -

little late to the party, i guess but after watching the Quick look it looks promising. Anyone have a spare key by chance?

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#8 Edited by Klei (1798 posts) -

Same here. If you want to help out a brother in need, send me a PM, I'd like one buddy invite.

Edit : I can trade a D3 friend code in exchange.

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#9 Posted by newhaap (488 posts) -

I have 1 buddy key I can redeem, if anyone's still interested send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the invite

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#10 Posted by RiceEatin2010GT (56 posts) -

thank you newhaap! if anyone has one more for a good friend i would really appreciate it.

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#11 Posted by Nightviz1on (4 posts) -

I've been looking for a buddy key for a while now, if anyone has an extra I'd be super grateful.

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#12 Posted by newhaap (488 posts) -

@RiceEatin2010GT: Enjoy!

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#13 Posted by bemusedchunk (897 posts) -

Anyone else with an extra key?

Very interested to see this first-hand.

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