The Secret World are classy SOB's

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Well, I can't log into the secret world forums, but felt the need to express it. I did a three day trial and then got a half price sale on a CDkey for Secret World. thus far, I've only experienced the classiest, nicest folks on there that I've ever experienced on an MMO. seriously, I dunno if it's due to the community being small or just the style of the game, but every single grouping I've had, and I've had plenty at this point, I've been very happy with. A cut above the average MMO player, to be sure. Hats off, Secret World players. Hats off. Special call out to 'criter' on Daemon server particularly. Great intro to Egypt!

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I just joined this site to respond to this post, because I wholeheartedly agree! Our fellow players are definitely the nicest peope I've seen in an MMO in a very long time. It's not just based on Cabals (guilds) either. For once, I don't feel the need to minimize my chat window for most of the time that I play due to seeing too much rude behavior, nor does my /ignore list grow daily. In TSW, (excluding rare exceptions), people help each other out, and treat each other with respect. Niceties that were thought to be extinct in MMO gameplay have resurfaced again! Thank you to all fellow TSW players for creating and maintaining such an excellent in-game community!

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I'd imagine it's something to do with it being a small community, similar to the early GB community.

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@Ramone Yea the early gb community was a nice group, and then the trolls came in eventually. If sw goes f2p ill check it out, its always nice have a community thats isnt mostly composed of deuchebags.
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Anarchy Online was similar for me. Likeminded people and all that jazz.

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@Aelric: Where did you get the three day trial?
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@BaneFireLord: Just make an account at their site and then choose the trial option (or maybe it's automatic). Should not need any credit card or paypal at all. Also, if you finish 30 missions, they extend it to a 5 day trial.

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Huh, I assumed that title was sarcastic. Glad to hear, I still want to check this game out one of these days >_>;;;;

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@Ramone said:

I'd imagine it's something to do with it being a small community, similar to the early GB community.

Yeah, this.
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I know its irrelevant to the topic but since it was brought up, i kinda wish the GB community was like the same as it was in the early days wherein we didn't have the kinds of assholes we have now. I don't even see former interns pop in anymore. Also, I don't get why Kessler/Bodega was getting hated on so much. Anyway, back to the topic I do hope that TSW manages to stay awhile since Funcom is struggling right now.

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Why do I get the feeling that the first 2 posts have been written by people who are being pressured by their Illuminati, Templar, or Dragon to say nice things or their characters die...?

Anyways, I've heard from others that TSW has a pretty nice community.

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@mrpandaman: Your comments have been added to your 15 TB file on our database. Positive lights enable BFF's. Negative lights bring darkness and overeating. Ciao Ciao - Illum HQ.

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lotro has a pretty good group of people too if you find a smaller server. some good ones on there. i am waiting to see what secret world does. it may be a nice destraction in a few months from gw2 for me.

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