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Did you know that Funcom is currently developing a brand new massively multiplayer online role-playing game called The Secret World?

Featuring a unique modern-day setting, The Secret World allows you to explore real world locations such as New York, London, Seoul, New England and Egypt as you battle evil together with thousands of others from all around the globe. Wield shotguns and black magic as you develop your character in a game that has neither levels nor classes.

Funcom is now giving everyone a chance to win access to future beta tests of The Secret World. All you have to do is visit to Take the Initiation Test and find out what secret society within the game you are best
suited for.

If you then choose to sign up to become a member of a secret society within 'The Secret World' gamer community, you will be eligible to win access to the beta test. So what are you waiting for? Take the test - and tell your friends!

You can read more about The Secret World at

As a member of The Secret World community you are also eligible to win access to the beta test for the game. All members participate in the drawing. Winners will be announced at a later date. Chances of winning depend on number of entries received. Void where prohibited by law.

Take it here: 

I'm not a big Funcom fan, but hey I got this e-mail mere minutes ago.  So anyone interested: check it out.
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Thanx for the heads up. Dragon i be.

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Closed beta lasts until Holidays are over, I'm in :) I'll record some stuff and release after NDA is lifted.

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