Will Giant Bomb be there for the Early Access Launch?

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A live stream would be nice!


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The staff would have said something by now or it would have been listed in "Coming Up on Giant Bomb".

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ya news is slow but not that slow, I am really looking forward to it, from what I saw on streams of the beta TSW is second to none in /commands, /headstand is a thing that exists now just saying

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I would rather have Dave, Vinny or Drev making a quicklook of this game. The best combination would be them all doing a quicklook together.

I kinda doubt that the other GiantBombers are actually interested about the "secret world" as it isnt the easiest of mmo´s to get into.

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@Nardak said:

I would rather have Dave, Vinny or Drev making a quicklook of this game.

Yeah, Drev is the man, they just picked him up from Gamebomb.ru. But more seriously, I agree that would be a great quick look.

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#7 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

GB is pretty anti regular mmo game play so I doubt it.

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Jeff is playing it. Doesn't sound like he rates it.

Jeff Gerstmann ‏jeffgerstmann
The way The Secret World has you find clues online is neat, but when I punch my clues into Google I just get the game's message boards.
So instead of finding the information in an organic way, I'm just being served up spoiler threads. Probably not what they intended.
Alexandre Rothier ‏alexrothier
Plus, it kinda sucks how the game is absolutely dreadful
Jeff Gerstmann ‏jeffgerstmann
Yeah, I'm still sort of coming to terms with that, too. I'm currently at the "surely it gets better than this, right?" phase.
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I kinda hoped that Jeff wouldnt be the one reviewing the game since most of the GiantBombers arent known to be very avid mmo players. I remember Jeff saying that he didnt play wow further than level 20 or so in one of the GiantBomb podcasts.For example at Gamespot Kevin van Ord is usually the person who reviews mmo games since he is interested in playing those kind of games and has reviewed other mmo games in the past. I think its kinda a disservice to the mmo´s in general if a person who reviews them isnt actually that interested in playing those kind of games.

Jeff even said on one of his Jar time videos that he would like to hire someone who is interested in certain kind of games.

As to that Alexandre Rothier guy I dont even know how to comment that one. Its true that the combat isnt as smooth as it is in Tera but they have improved it from the beta and Funcom will probably improve the combat also in future updates (i hope). But the in-game dialogue, quests and atmosphere are great in my opinion.

Concerning Jeffs comment about message boards coming up a lot when doing those quest based searches at least Funcom is trying to do something original that hasnt been done so far in other mmo games. It is also pretty hard to ensure that "a specific site" is at the top of the google search at all times.

Here is an example of one quest related website for the game: http://orochi-group.net/ (dont open the link if you dont want to be spoiled regarding a quest in secret world)

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I really like how the game puts a browser in the game so you don't have to alt tab out.  Hitting  'b' brings up the browser, but you do get sent to the forums a lot.  That is a downside.  But kudo's for the effort.  It's an awesome idea and one that is pretty darn unique.

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I've decided I'm going to get it tonight. I found a gamespot live stream of some guy playing for like 7 hours. I caught about 2 hours and stopped because I didn't want to ruin the story. I used to be a serious MMORPG lover until WoW came out, then it all went downhill from there. This game at least seems like it does interesting stuff and the world is unique enough to warrant a look.

I would look forward to what Big Jeffery has to say about it, but I know how he feels about MMORPG's in general.

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@alternate: He also doesn't like MMO gameplay though. If i recall, none of the staff does much.

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