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    The Shadowlord

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The leader of the Shades, and owner of Grimoire Noir.

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    The main antagonist of Nier, the events of the game are set off as he kidnaps Yonah and sends Nier and his friends on a quest to rescue her.
    It is later revealed that the Shadowlord is in actuality the last hope for humanity's chance for survival and the "true" Nier, his soul separated from his body. His ultimate goal is to save his Yonah by returning her to her original body. In the distant past, after the plague caused by Caim and Angelus, Nier transformed into a Gestalt in order to save Yonah from crazed shades. 
    In the end, his death by the hands of Replicant Nier ensured that the Gestalts will all relapse and descend into insanity and the human race will be extinct by the next generation.


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