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Tap tap tap your way to misery 0

I decided to give this game a shot because a few podcasts I listen to regularly talk about it and it's free.This isn't really a game in my opinion, it's just tapping on icons and then waiting for more icons to show up so you can tap on them also. There is no strategy or even any decisions at all, it's really the stupidest thing I've ever put on my tablet.The game uses Origin to save your game and to connect with your Origin friends so you can go tap on stuff in their Springfield too.If there is ...

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Don't Play Unless You Want to Spend Money 0

It has the same issue that a lot of apps have in my opinion where they don't hide the in app purchases at all. It makes it very clear that you need to spend over $100 to get everything out of the game. I'm someone who will play as long as possible before I spend any money and the wall in this game comes a couple days in and is super frustrating. I played it the first day it launched and it was super buggy and I would lose hours of progress constantly, though I would hope this has been patched ...

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Simple Simpsons Simulator? 0

Yeah, ok, so there are premium items in the game, as the only other review states, but get this: You don't have to buy them to enjoy the game. First of all, I did buy premium content, which is bought with premium currency (doughnuts), and I did get some content.Ok, but back to the game. Its a very simple town/simulator. Like Farmville, except it's a lot more interesting, isn't quite as boring, and does not require Facebook. Now, from what I've heard, the iPhone/iPad version has Origin connectivi...

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MY TIDBITS: The Simpsons: Tapped Out 0

Since 1989 The Simpsons family has been the mainstay of pre adolescent viewers due to its comedic antics that brought many games that fans could enjoy. One of this game is The Simpsons: Tapped Out that can be downloaded for IOS and Android phones. The game lets you rebuild Springfield from the ground up. The story starts when Homer neglected his job at the power plant that cause a meltdown and destroyed Springfield. The game will let you rebuild Springfield to your liking and you can unlock fam...

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