The Simpsons: Tapped Out

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    Rebuild Springfield however you see fit in this iOS and Android game.

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    Simple Simpsons Simulator?

    Yeah, ok, so there are premium items in the game, as the only other review states, but get this: You don't have to buy them to enjoy the game. First of all, I did buy premium content, which is bought with premium currency (doughnuts), and I did get some content.

    Ok, but back to the game. Its a very simple town/simulator. Like Farmville, except it's a lot more interesting, isn't quite as boring, and does not require Facebook. Now, from what I've heard, the iPhone/iPad version has Origin connectivity. Meaning you can build your town, and then log in to your other Apple device to continue your work.

    I have the Android release. It came around a year later, sometime in February of 2013. It's neat. It's free.

    Springfield is blown up by, and everything is gone. So you have to rebuild. And you start with homer.

    The game is mostly about real time tasks (meaning you can set a Simpsons character to a task for 4 hours REAL TIME, and in the end you'll either move forward in the story, or you'll earn money and experience points to level up). Yes you can level up. This allows you to unlock new buildings, decorations, quests, and characters. And you use the money to buy decorations and build buildings, or expand your land. (and the map is pretty large)

    Not every character is voiced or has sound effects, but so far EA has been releasing updates (last being around the end of March).

    The premium items are EXPENSIVE. Seriously. around $1.99 USD will get you 12 doughnuts, and the most you can get is 2,400 Doughnuts for $99.99 USD. And they'll be spent quickly. Some premium items are around 150 doughnuts, and they come with a premium characters. Some are simple premium decorations that go from 1-40 doughnuts.

    Also there are Mystery Boxes for 6 doughnuts. They are nothing but random gambles and doughnut wasters. They'll usually give you an item that you could have easily bought with the dollar currency. And Homer Buddhas, which will grant a random PREMIUM item for 15 doughnuts... but this could also give you something like White Picket Fences which fetch 1 doughnut, or something like a Green Dumpster... yeah, man, don't bother unless you LOVE to gamble.

    Luckily for you, and unluckily for EA, there is a hacked .apk that will grant you all your Simpsons building wishes floating around the internet. Also, there seems to be a bunch of glitches and bugs, and free doughnuts bugs on the Apple version.


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