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Katy Perry Sweet Treats?

This is my Review of The Sims 3: Katy Perry Sweet Treats Stuff Pack on PC.


The whole stuff pack is based on Katy Perry's new style out called "Candyfornia" or "Candytopia". This means that all items in the game are literally designed to suit that fashion and in my opinion it's too over-the-top! Most of the items in the game are sweets and treats as such or things that relate to it. Most of these items look very cute and "fluffy" but in most cases, it just doesn't fit real life matters in The Sims 3 - especially if you have a normal house, etc. Also, the price was really what made me shocked - £25/$40! That's about £10/$10 more than any other Stuff Pack so far - it's only a little cheaper than an Expansion Pack! I really think this is totally not worth it unless you are extremely dedicated to this style of stuff or you just love Katy Perry. Sure the pack comes with a bunch more objects than other Stuff Packs but is it really worth like £10/$10 more? Honestly, I don't or will not ever use these items apart from a few customization for younger teens and girl's bedrooms. In fact, I have only ever used about 1/10 of these items just for little props on my Female singer's stage for performing on...

In my opinion, this stuff pack just delivers too much over the boundaries of necessary. I do like most of the looks of items if I was designing a special candy themed room but otherwise these items on lots just make that lot look stupid and unnatural. It's also just not worth the price and I truly do not recommend buying this unless you are a dedicated Katy Perry fan and love her style.



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