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The Sims 3: Pets [PC Review]

Hopemaster Review:

This is my review on The Sims 3: Pets.

If you are a player of The sims, you'll know there isn't much in the lives of sims. Even with The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack to give you more memorable moments, life is still boring. However, when EA released The Sims 3 Pets, it was obvious life in the game would get tons better. As soon as the game was loaded, I raced in to Create-A-Sim, where I create a small family with 3 pets (1 Dog, 1 Cat, and 1 Horse) and I have to say the new customization options were amazing! First thing I was delighted with was the fact pets now have traits you can choose like a normal sim! The second thing I liked was the advanced editor tools to change size and shape of the pets just like a normal sim. Every pet was unique in it's own way, however, my favorite was still the dog. This was mainly because it had almost and exact personality and features as my beloved Shih Tzu, called Mo, in real life. Also, for me the dog was most loving and caused far less trouble than my cat or horse. Now let's get on to the life of these pets. The dog is there to love and be mans best friend. They have these needs; Hunger, Energy, Social, Bladder, and the new Destruction need. This means dogs may need something to destroy so hopefully you'll have a toy for them or just order than to tear up that old sofa you have. Now on to Cats. From my experience, they were just there - they didn't do anything fun unless you did it yourself and seemed to not want anything to do with anyone unless they were hungry. They have the needs; Hunger, Energy, Social, Bladder, and Scratching need. You can handle this need by just buying them a scratching post or they will probably scratch your sims. Now for Horses. They are quite tall, delicate but strong, and exciting pets. Their needs are; Hunger, Energy, Social, Bladder, and Exercise, which can be treated to by letting horses roam around or you riding them! Overall, I enjoyed all pets including new minor pets like Lizards, Birds, Snakes, Turtles and insects. These are treated as collectibles and have rarity ratings to suit this. They can be carried in your pocket like rocks and stuff you can collect, although, there's a chance they will escape. If you bring them home, there are appropriate cages to suit their species.

Overall, I rate the game 4.5-5 Stars because the game is amazing and really made The Sims 3 more interesting but the minor pets were so minor they were best left away anyways...

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