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There's never been a better time to be a fan of this series. 2

It seems ironic that, in a medium of entertainment often perceived as synonymous with the phrase "waste-of-time,"  one of the most popular and revered franchises is that which is entirely focused on simulating the life we all otherwise could be leading ourselves.  From a backseat perspective, it's difficult to understand just how directing a human-shaped mass of polygons to use the toilet can be at all entertaining.  Those in the driver's seat, however, have likely never questioned their enjoyme...

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The Sims 3 Review 0

When a sequal is announced for the followup to the two best selling PC games of all time, expectations are beyond high. Fans of previous games will notice that The Sims 3 doesn't break into a lot of new ground and graphically there haven't been very substantial changes. What EA have included are some much wanted features that do change the game enough to make The Sims 3 more than just an expansion pack.On the surface, Life in The Sims 3 isn't that different from the previous games: Build a house...

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The Sims 3 is...oh. 2

This is my review of EA's the Sims 2.5 - ugh, I mean Sims 3. This is the third installment of the best selling Sims franchise, and the only one to not have creator Will Wright on the team. At its heart, it's pretty much what you'd expect from a Sims game, you create a Sim or Sims, and govern their lives like a God, helping them achieve their dreams, or letting them wallow in hopelessness, or alternatively, murder them in a variety of ways. The Sims 3 is much like the Sims 2, to a point where it ...

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The Land of the Green Diamonds Prevails 0

It was always going to be troublesome making a sequel to a game with eight expansion packs. The Sims 2 now lies as a bloated beast, full of features incrementally added throughout the years in small £20 packages, but unbelievably its long overdue sequel The Sims 3 doesn't feel the least bit castrated. The same winning formula has been carried over, the fat trimmed, the remains toned, and what remains is something that is as engrossing as ever.The Sims 3, like its predecessors, is not a hard game...

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Lacking content holds back this otherwise decent sequel. 0

I think it's safe to say nine out of ten people who go on this site have played 'The Sims' sometime in their life whether it be the original, Sims 2 or one of a million expansion packs and console versions. If you didn't like those forget this because you won't be liking this either. However for those of you who do enjoy it or even have gotten a bit sick of the series it might just pull you back in all over again.The game holds the same core structure of the other Sim games. You have a Sim, they...

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The biggest problem with this and all sims games is that you never have enough time to do anything. 0

Lets just get down to it. The game is a resource hog. Taking forever to load (and my PC is far from slow, its new).With the usual expansion packs filling up your hard drive which add only minor improvements but the main issue is time management.You get your house build, decorated. Now you need a job. You find one and it starts at 6 am. But time goes so fast in this game you have no time to enjoy it. Fancy a trip to the shops? You have to factor in travel time etc. You have to get up extra early ...

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Sims 3 on mac, first impressions review 0

I'm going to make this easy, just point out some good and bad things. At the end of this list I will let off some steam about some technical issues. These are picked out of the game straight out of the box without no patches or custom content.The big improvements+ Windows and mac version on same purchase disc+ Free neighborhood traveling, there's no going back to the loading screens+ Living, breathing atmosphere, everybody goes about their business+ Create a sim has improved along with the face ...

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The Sims has regained its appeal 0

I loved the first Sims game, I played it solid for about 3 week and loved every moment of it. However, I eventually came to the realization that all I was playing with was a glorified virtual pet. If it needed the toilet I press on the toilet, if it was hungry I clicked on food. The monotonous nature and the simplicity of The Sims left it with a rather short life span, once all the novelty and glamour ripped away my interest in the game was pulled along with it. When The Sims 2 was released I wa...

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Simmish 1

I picked this game up when it first came out back in June 2009 and have played it off and on. I just love the amount of content you get with the game (not including the 10 billion dlc packs). It's always a guilty feeling you get when you lock your sim in a room with no way out and watch them slowly panic. On the flip side of that, this series lets you take a sim from birth right up to old age. It's still a strong series.The console version is also really well done, from a new addition of a Karma...

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The Sims 3 is the best in the series, bar none. 1

Once upon a time, a man named Will Wright came up with an idea for a video game which would let us control the virtual lives of pixelated people known as The Sims. We could mold and shape them to be mirror images of ourselves or of our friends, family or neighbors. We could give them houses and lives we only dreamt about in real life and watch them succeed, or completely screw up their existence. His idea caught on like wildfire through the gaming masses, spawning a sequel and a truckload of exp...

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The game lacks any soul or humour. Oh, and content. 0

I have loved the sims for a long time. I played the first game when it came out on my very first PC, now Im a 20 year old male gamer, a core gamer, who has always enjoyed sims games. To me they are not "casual". They can be played casually but one thing that you could never level at the sims games is that they were not vastly complex. Even without expansion packs, there was a fair bit to be getting on with.However the Sims 3, despite "pro" games journalists throwing phrases at me like "INFINATLY...

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Games like this don't get any better. 0

The Sims 3 is the latest game in the best selling PC game series of all time. Since the launch of the original Sims game from Will Wright in 2000, the series has gone on to sell well over 100 million copies and brought in a whopping $4 billion for EA. After countless expansions and stuff packs for The Sims 2 a full new game is finally here, but is worth your hard earned cash?The basic formula is still exactly the same as it has been for 9 years now; you create a family of people and control them...

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Easily worth your $50 0

Great game, stays true to the originals but adds new features like the tow. I did have problems downloading stuff from the store, so be aware of that. There is also a lack of stuff in the game for your home, but still a great game and very fun. I really enjoyed watching my sim progress through his career of a journalist as he gradually bought better houses and a car....

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The Sims 3 or The Sims 2.5? 0

The Sims 3 is the newest game in the ever so popular "Sims" series, beloved by Tweenage girls world wide.  But is it really worthy of being called a full sequel?  Much like with previous "The Sims" games you manage and try and keep a household of "Sims" alive, though the bigger goal seems to be growing your family and having a large, expanding family tree. This is much easier now that the neighborhood is extremely seamless unlike previous The Sims games where only a single house would be loaded ...

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The Sims 3 takes a Big Step from The Sims 2 0

Ever since the first Sims game was released, people wanted a far more advanced version of the game. They got that in The Sims 2 and now, The Sims 3. The Sims 3 captializes on what could have been in The Sims 2.   Gameplay in The Sims 3 is what we've been doing since the very first Sims. You can choose to make your own Sim or to use one of the other pre-made Sims. What makes The Sims 3's Sim Creator different from the Sims 2 Sim Creator is that you can adjust the weight of the Sim, amount of musc...

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I was expecting something more...polished. 0

I don't have a long history with the Sims.  I've only played The Sims 2: Castaway (also on the Wii) my review isn't tinged by fond memories.  The game itself runs VERY poorly on the Wii. I can hear the disk running nearly constantly (which doesn't happen on other games) and the game takes lots of little 3-10 second pauses while it loads things. Its very disruptive to the flow. At first I thought the disk was scratched, but was in perfect condition. The game also hard freezes the Wii ...

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Improved Experience 0

 I have thought the The Sims franchise was just like life...except a bit more boring and you seem to poop and pee a lot more often and at really inopportune times. Therefore, I didn't much like the series. I tried the original briefly and, well, hated it. I tried the sequel for a little more time...and didn't love it, either.I have no idea what drove me to try the 3rd in the series...but I actually rather enjoy it.The biggest stumbling block for me with The Sims was that there just wasn't ...

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It is time to get back to your virtual doll house 0

               After I have played the first 100 days in one of the originals Sims’s expansion packs, some new information started appear. It was those “did you know that” windows in the top-right corner of the screen, but this time rather than explain how different elements of the game work, it showed little pieces of text about the game makers. It was interesting to read about the people that started a series that would become the best selling PC game franchise in history. And now, the third i...

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We finally get what we always wanted... 0

It all began in 2000 for the Sims series,and since then,it's grown to be the best selling PC video-game franchise of all time with sales of over 100 million units.It's a lot for a PC game,given the piracy. The original Sims,was a life simulator which let you create a Sim and guide him through his life.It was a very complex game at the time and it was very well received by gamers and critics alike.For years after the release of the original game,and many expansions later,Sims 2 came out.It ...

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Sims 3 is the best yet...but... 0

it is missing alot of items like a hot tub, diving board and others, although this is probly the best sims game yet, with just those couple of complaints.  I love the whole open roming town, but i wish u could see inside ur work and other jobs on the map, some pretty cool cars in here, and the bikes are pretty neat, i've been a fan since the Sims 1 and this definately is the best sequel to date, still some bugs, like every other time i try to place a house, the game says processing and basically...

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Okay, so there are obviously a bunch of people out there who decide before a game is released that no matter who praises said game, they will not even get close to playing it. A bunch of my gamer friends have proved this time and time again and it's happened once more with The Sims 3. These are guys that enjoy many of the same games I do, yet won't touch a Sims game because it's too casual. I guess my line of thinking has always been, if it's fun, then it's all good. Why have the need to sort of...

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It continues to be Sims (i.e. good) 0

This is pretty much exactly what you would expect for a Sims 3 game.  It is incrementally better than the Sims 2, and does some interesting things with how character's motivations effect your play.  Now, each Sim has a set of "wishes" and a lifetime wish that you need to fulfill.  It is the carrot on the stick that keeps you playing the game.  There are tons of customization options, and the game looks better than ever.. but it is still The Sims, so if you were never a fan, it won't convert you....

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