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    The Sims: Livin' Large

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 31, 2000

    The first expansion pack for the widely popular video game, The Sims. It added a number of new elements including new NPCs, 125 new items and new career options.

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    The Sims: Livin’ Large (known as The Sims: Livin' It Up in the UK) was the first of several expansions packs for the widely popular, The Sims game. It offered very few changes to the core gameplay of The Sims but did introduce a large amount of new content. The expansion pack included new objects, careers, NPCs and social interactions, and a new life-state.


    While some minor gameplay changes did occur as the result of the introduction of various NPCs and objects, the only notable direct change to gameplay was that the expansion pack allowed players to create five additional neighbourhoods in their game on top of the original three. This meant that players could control around 50 families at the same time.

    New NPCs

    Livin' Large introduced a number of NPCs which weren't simply citizens but acted as game mechanics within themselves that almost every sim could interact with.

    Genie- The genie appears when sims rub the Antique Lamp and allows the sim to make one wish based around an element of aspect of their lives. While these wishes can result in positive outcomes they usually fail and result in negative repercussions.

    Grim Reaper- The Grim Reaper appears when a sim dies and spends some time standing over their body to harvest their soul. Other sims on the lot can plead with the Grim Reaper for a chance to save the soul of the dead sim. Should the reaper accept he will play rock-paper-scissors with the pleader; if the reaper wins the dead sim will be unrecoverable, however if the reaper loses he will bring the sim back to life. If the reaper refuses the plea he still may resurrect the dead sim as a zombie, the new life-state in the game.

    Santa Claus- Santa Claus will appear if a Christmas Tree, a fireplace and a plate of cookies are placed in a sim's house and all sims in the household are asleep by midnight. Santa leaves a number of present boxes under the tree which sims can unwrap for fun but there will also be one for each member of the household which contains a present for their home.

    Servo- Servos can be obtained by buying them for 15,000 simoleons, making them the most expensive item in the game. Servos are robots that will cook, clean, garden and repair for sims. They can also entertain sims to a limited degree.

    Sunny the Tragic Clown- Sunny appears in the homes of sims who are depressed and own the tragic clown painting. Sunny will constantly annoy them, lowering their mood and will also wake them up while they are trying to sleep. He can be gotten rid of by removing the painting, improving the mood of the sim/s or calling the clown catchers.

    New Objects

    While Livin' Large introduced a large number of new objects for both build and buy mode it added a small number of objects with which sims could interact with uniquely.

    Antique Lamp- This can be rubbed once a day and summons the genie (see above).

    Concoctinator Chemistry Set- A chemistry set which not only raises sims logic points but also allows them to create potions with various effects. These effects are making their worst enemy fall in love with them, maxing out their needs, inverting their personality, temporarily turning them into a monster, curing sickness, making an evil clone of them, draining all their needs and making them invisible. There is a chance that sims using the chemistry set will cause a mistake in their potion brewing, creating a horrible smell which the police will fine them for, however the higher the logic of the sim using the set the less likely that is to happen.

    Horowitz 'Star-Track' Outdoor Telescope- The telescope can be used to increase sims logic points, however, if it is used for a long period at a time the sim using it will be abducted by aliens. They will return to the lot a few hours later with their personalities inverted and will think about aliens for a long time afterwards.

    Madame Blahbatfry Crystal Ball- If a sim looks into the crystal ball the player will receive a vague message about some future action the sim will make. Should the player be able to work out the message and make the sim perform the intended action within the next twenty-four hours the player will be able to change the sims personality, otherwise the sim will lose a personality point in one trait.

    Vibromatic Heart Bed- This functions in the same manner as a normal bed but sims can also pay twenty simoleons to make the bed vibrate. Should a sim they are in love with join them in the bed they can play with them, increasing the fun and social moods of both sims. If the sims are of opposite genders they can also use the bed to have a baby.

    New Careers

    Livin' Large added five new career tracks to the game meaning there were fifty more available jobs for sims. Below are the new career tracks and the jobs for each career path in order.

    Hacker- Beta Tester, Support Tech, Web Master, Hacker, Security Consultant, Game Designer, Internet Entrepreneur, Software CEO, Venture Capitalist, Information Overlord.

    Journalism- Typesetter, Game Reviewer, Tabloid Writer, Paparazzi, Newspaper Reporter, Meteorologist, TV Reporter, Investigative Reporter, National News Anchor, Talk Show Host.

    Musician- Subway Musician, Piano Tuner, Wedding Singer, Lounge Singer, High School Band Teacher, Roadie, Back-up Musician, Studio Musician, Rock Star, Celebrity Activist.

    Paranormal- Psychic Phone Friend, Conspiracy Theorist, Tarot Card Reader, Hypnotist, Medium, Dowser, Police Psychic, UFO Investigator, Exorcist, Cult Leader.

    Slacker- Golf Caddy, Convenience Store Clerk, Life Guard, Record Store Clerk, Party D.J., Projectionist, Video Editor, Freelance Photographer, Personal Tour Guide, Professional Party Guest.

    New Life-State

    When Sims are resurrected as zombies they enter the zombie life-state (see Grim Reaper). Zombies are identical to other sims but have green skin and no personality points in any traits.


    The ESRB rated the game Teen for Comic Mischief, Mature Sexual Themes, Mild Animated Violence.


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