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    The Sims: Makin' Magic

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 28, 2003

    The Sims: Makin' Magic is an expansion pack for The Sims. It allows players to cast magical spells, make potions, and also visit Magic Town to purchase new ingredients.

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    One of the major new features introduced to the game in Makin’ Magic is the ability for sims to perform magic via spells or charms. To create either spells or charms sims must place magic ingredients into special crafting apparatus, however, while spells can be charged into sims wands and used anywhere, charms are special objects placed in sim’s homes that they must interact with to use. Both spells and charms can only be used a limited number of times and have negative outcomes which sims can trigger if certain conditions aren’t met. These conditions usually involve the sim being happy enough to perform magic properly.

    While adults have access to a wider range of spells than children, there are certain spells and charms which are only accessible to adults and certain ones which are only accessible to children. Adults and children also require different kinds of wand-chargers to charge spells to their wands. It is also important that sims are not seen by non-magic sims conducting spells as this will prompt a visit and fine from the Mystery Man.

    When enough adult sims use magic on a residential lot, crystals and plants will start to grow around it. Crystals can be used to give sims magic abilities such as the power to extinguish fires at will or electrocute their friends as a prank. Certain ingredients for spells and charms can be created using some of the new items added in the expansion, such as the butter churn or beehive, but most can be obtained from the new area added in the game, Magic Town.

    Magic Town

    The areas of Magic Town use one of two aesthetics; a carnival theme or forests featuring rustic wooden houses. Most of the furniture added in the game also uses these aesthetics. Sims can access Magic Town by calling for a hot air balloon or jumping into a hole in the ground. In Magic Town sims can cast spells without fear of being fined, talk to exclusive vendors, ride rollercoasters, participate in “Toadstool races”, and participate in any other activities they normally would when going out. Players can also custom-build roller-coasters in Magic Town using specific parts. The currency used in Magic Town is MagiCoins which can be earned by charming snakes, winning duels, performing magic shows or selling magic ingredients to vendors.

    In addition to commercial lots, Magic Town includes residential lots which sims can buy for a certain price of simoleons and MagiCoins. Sims may also purchase dragon eggs in Magic Town. Depending on how they are treated before they hatch, they will hatch into a pet dragon with one of three different temperaments, who can be fed and looked after by buying items from Magic Town.


    In addition to the new NPCs that players can find in Magic Town, Makin’ Magic also adds the following NPCs to the game.

    Bonehilda- A skeleton maid who serves in a similar capacity to Servo from The Sims: Livin’ Large. She will feed babies, clean the house, repair broken items, and fetch the newspaper. Unfortunately non-magic sims will become scared if they see Bonehilda and if a maid encounters her, she will quit immediately.

    FlaminGoGo Dancers- If a sim uses the enchant spell on a flamingo lawn ornament they will temporarily transform into a FlaminGoGo Dancer who will talk to pets, sims, or flamingo ornaments, and give sims hugs, backrubs or cheer them up.

    Gardening Gnomes- If a sim uses the enchant spell on a garden gnome, or they use the perfect garden charm with garden gnomes on the lot, they will temporarily become Gardening Gnomes. In the enchant scenario they will tend to the sim’s garden, although may get distracted by any nectar presses on the lot. In the perfect garden scenario they will ruin the sim’s garden and attack them. Pets may also play with Gardening Gnomes.


    • Unlike some other expansion packs, Makin’ Magic had no Sims 2 or 3 expansion which acted as a successor, however, magic was included again in series again, in The Sims 2: Apartment Life.
    • Through enough magic use it is possible for sims to grow a beanstalk on their lot. Climbing it will lead to an area with a giant sleeping Will Wright and magic beans.

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