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A great expansion pack that has a lot of great features.

The gameplay in the Sims: unleashed is really great, it has new gameplay features that increase the replay value for the game. The main new feature for the game is pets that you can get in the new old town. Old town increases the size of the neighbourhood from the old games. Old town includes: pet stores, a farmer's market, and shopping centres. Unleashed adds new gardening features to The Sims. You can buy and place farmland plots in your backyard, buy a scarecrow, and plant crops, if you're tired of using the game's standard career paths, you can make your sims farmers by having them buy seeds in the new Old Town gardening shops, then plant the seeds and tend the farmland to grow crops. If your Sims gets good at being farmers, they can support themselves, but also bring their crops to market in Old Town and sell them and make a living. The Sims: unleashed adds 5 new careers which is now 50 jobs for your Sims. The new job includes: Animal Care, Culinary, Circus, Fashion and education. Overall the gameplay in the Sims: unleashed is a really good and new features add great gameplay features to the game.

The Sims' graphics engine is definitely showing its age, and your sims themselves look no different for the first game, Unleashed new character animations are just as amusing and expressive as those in the original game, especially when your sims play with their pets.

The Sims sounds good in Unleashed: The game has new music tracks that are nice to listen to; the sims themselves still speak the same sort of expressive gibberish, or "simlish"; the new sound effects (for pets and for your sims) all sound great.

The Sims unleashed value is good, the new features adds some value to the game and so do the pets. Overall the value for the Sims: unleashed is good and adds great new features to keep you playing.

Overall experience
Overall the Sims: unleashed is ok but some of the problems that have been in the last few games. The problems do get in the way sometimes but don’t spoil the experience.


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