Interesting game with janky combat and intriguing mysteries

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I’ve enjoyed the last few Frogwares Sherlock Holmes games, and this one has been a delight. The combat is as bad as advertised (low ammo availability and clunky aiming, at least on PS4), but the concept of investigating Lovecraftian mysteries in an open world has been really satisfying.

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Love the Sherlock Holmes games except the last one they did. This looks more similar to that last game, so I dunno about this. I want more mystery and investigations rather than combat.

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I'm a few more hours in now, and have settled into the rhythm of the game. Loosely, locate a person or place, investigate them, encounter a handful of monsters to kill, reconstruct some event using your psychic detective power, and get a new person or place clue. Rinse and repeat until a set-piece moment or decision point occurs to finish off the case. I'm really enjoying it, and after bumping the combat difficulty down to Easy, I'm no longer burning through too much ammo to make the scarcity noticeable.

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