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    The Soul Reaver

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    A mighty vampiric sword that takes both a physical and ethereal form and is capable of draining its victim's blood or soul depending on the wielder.

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    The Soul Reaver has appeared in every Legacy of Kain game.  It first appeared in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain .  It was a deadly weapon and hugely important to the game's storyline.  The same can be said for every Legacy of Kain game thereafter.

    Origin and historical importance

    The Soul Reaver was forged by the first ever human to become a vampire; Vorador Janos Audron then used his power to imbue the Soul Reaver with vampiric energy.  This gave the Reaver the ability to drain the blood of it's victims and absorb it.

    Time travel plays a large part in the storylines of the Legacy of Kain games.  In the Legacy of Kain universe, the course of history cannot be changed.  That is, unless a temporal paradox occurs.  These paradoxes allow significant historical events to be altered and therefore force history to take a new course.  That is where the Soul Reaver comes in. Two identical incarnations of the Soul Reaver occupying the same space at the same time is what causes the temporal paradoxes.  This occurs several times in the Legacy of Kain series and is vitally important to story progression.

    Various forms

    Raziel wielding the spectral form of the Soul Reaver
    Legacy of Kain:  Soul Reaver introduced a new form of the Soul Reaver.  This form was not a corporeal/physical form, it was a spectral form.  This spectral form of the Soul Reaver is commonly referred to as the Wraith Blade and is symbiotically attached to the right arm of Raziel.  He wields this weapon for most of the following games.  This spectral Reaver could also be imbued with the elemental power of Fire.  However, this concept was not fully introduced or elaborated upon until the next game in the series.

    Legacy of Kain:  Soul Reaver 2 introduced elemental forms of the Soul Reaver.  The Soul Reaver became these elemental forms when it absorbed elemental power and in so doing, gained a new look and new abilities. The elemental powers are:
    • Dark
    • Light
    • Air
    • Fire

    Raziel wielding the Fire Reaver
    Legacy of Kain:  Defiance introduced yet more forms of the Soul Reaver.  This includes not only new forms for Raziel's spectral Reaver, but also for Kain's corporeal/physical Reaver. As well as the Dark, Light, Fire and Air forms from Legacy of Kain:  Soul Reaver 2, the Spectral Soul Reaver gained the following new forms:
    • Water
    • Earth
    • Spirit

    Kain with the Lightning Reaver
    Kain with the Lightning Reaver
    Kain gained new forms for his corporeal/physical Reaver, by collecting fragments of an ancient vampire artifact called the Balance Emblem.  It is worth noting that the Soul form of Kain's Reaver is not obtained via a Balance Emblem fragment.  It is obtained by other means (would be a story spoiler if stated). The various forms of his Reaver are:

    • Balance
    • Flame
    • Dimension
    • Lightning
    • Time
    • Soul

    So, there you have it, its deadly, sucks blood, sucks souls, looks really good no matter what form its in and is one of the greatest video game weapons ever created!

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