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    The Space Adventure

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 07, 1991

    THE SPACE ADVENTURE is an adventure game. The game tells the story of the pirate Cobra who fights off the Pirate Guild while searching for a legendary treasure whose map is tattooed on the backs of three beautiful women.

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    The game is based on a Japanese animated series created by Buichi Terasawa.


    This game is first-person adventure game.  The player controls Cobra as he progresses through eight different stages which occur in eight unique locations.  These locations include the Crazy Horse (Stage 1), an ancient shrine (Stage 2), Hedba City (Stage 3), an oil well (Stage 4), a floating prison (Stage 5), a seashore (Stage 6), a church (Stage 7), and on the planet Plumeria (Stage 8).  
    Each stage is broken up in to a set number of screens.  Each screen allows for the player to interact with it in a number of different ways.  These actions, or commands, include 'Look', 'Search', 'Talk', 'Listen', 'Think', 'Communicate', 'Pick Up', 'Use', 'Move', 'Fight', and 'Flee'.  The available commands are context sensitive.  The game will progress as the player interacts with the games various environments.  Occasionally, the player will be required to solve simple puzzles before they can progress.  In certain circumstances, the player will have to fight by punching, kicking, or using Cobra's Psycho-gun.  


    Armaroid Lady
    Crystal Boy

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