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A collection of popular sports!

“Baseball”, “Tennis”, “Volleyball”, “Futsal”, “Golf”,

A collection of 5 popular sports that everyone knows in one game software!

You can play easily, and incandescent battles. A bargain title with outstanding satisfaction is here.

Enriched with elements to deal with!

In addition to the “Match Game” of regular battles, challenge various clear conditions in the “Challenge Cup”and collect items and teams.

By clearing the Challenge Cup, the number of tennis rackets and baseball teams will increase!

Includes a mini-game-like exhibition!

Equipped with an “exhibition” for each eye, including home run contests and penalty kicks.

Even one person can play carefully!

Great battle everywhere with communication play!

Supports communication play using multiple DS cards and download play with only one DS card.

Up to 4 players can play. (* 3 to 4 players only supported in "THE Golf")

In the case of wireless play, items and teams acquired in the “Challenge Cup” mode can be used.


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