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The End is Never the End 1

The original Stanley Parable was a 2011 Source Engine mod dreamed up by USC graduate Davey Wreden. Using minimalist mechanics and a heavy focus on storytelling, Wreden built an interactive fiction which aimed to question the way stories in games are experienced and generate discussion about how the medium conveys narratives. This newer Stanley Parable builds on the foundation of the original, adding more paths to its branching story and an all-round graphical upgrade to its world.Something very ...

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The Stanley Parable Is The Cleverest Game I've Played All Year 0

The Stanley Parable is the cleverest video game I’ve played all year. It’s genuinely thought-provoking, a rare thing in this medium. It’s genuinely funny too, which is even rarer. While I was playing it, I didn’t want it to ever end. Sometimes it felt like it wouldn’t. I like The Stanley Parable and you should too.I will keep spoilers to a minimum in this review, but know that the best possible experience is had by playing the game with no expectations at all. Stop reading, download and play the...

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One for the gamers 0

I really enjoyed the Stanley Parable - it's great fun if you are used to games, and particularly first person games on PC. I have a long history of gaming, which helps with this, and many of the jokes (without giving anything away) are spot on. However, if you are not someone who sees themselves as a 'gamer' or you only play casual games, this one probably isn't for you....

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The Stanley Parable Review: A Player-Driven Mindfuck 0

The Stanley Parable subverts the notion of choice in video game narratives. For all the freedom developers allow, the player must obey certain principles, operate according to a game’s finite procedures. When making decisions, you simply select from a list of preferable predetermined outcomes – the crux of The Stanley Parable and its comedic focus. For every action there is an unequal, hilarious reaction, with running commentary provided by an omniscient British narrator.The narrator (voiced by...

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An interesting art piece that will have you going back time after time for various outcomes. 0

The Stanley Parable is an interesting piece of interactive software that originally started as a free mod for the Source Engine. You start in your office and almost immediately encounter a narrative voice that spurs you along a path. As you move through the environment, you are told to go one way but are given the option to head another. On first play through it lasted roughly 5 minutes where I deviated from the path of the narrator, defied his warnings about "heading towards my demise" and eve...

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The Stanley Parable's tangled narrative is full of laughs, creativity and subverted expectations 0

In The Stanley Parable you play as Stanley. Employee #427 is your designated title; another cog in the workforce machine at a big, drab office building. You sit at your desk day after day, week after week and year after year, hitting keys on your keyboard as the directions on your monitor instruct. You have no prospects and no options, while your employer demands much of you. You’re a mindless office drone, yet you’re content with this dreary life.From the mundane to something else e...

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Delightful deja vu 0

The Good: Innovative and unlike anything you've ever played; Many hilarious laugh-out-loud moments; Interaction with the narrator is satisfying; Excellent satire on the nature of choice and decisionsThe Bad: Short, and the novelty wears offThe premise is simple. You play as Stanley, an office worker who is a cog in the corporate machine who repeats the same day over and over again, but this time, you are presented with choices to deviate from your regular path. The office building is quiet and e...

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Clever, Quick, but just barely worth it. 0

I'd recommend this game, but only very barely.This game may be a victim of its own hype, but in my experience, it didn't live up to those expectations. There is very little action on the viewers part. You largely go down hallways, listen to the narrator, and constantly make left / right choices. Depending on which order you choose these, you get the different endings to the game. There are some neat ideas and endings here, but some of the paths can become repetitive to get to, when the only dif...

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The last video game ever? 0

The Stanley Parable is a fascinating piece of fiction that plays out in ways I've never seen or even knew I wanted to see in a game. It explores the choose your own adventure tale that we see in games far too often, and expands on it in many hilarious ways. It's probably not worth it to read my review because I might end up spoiling aspects that are much better discovered on your own, but know that it is a well spent 12 (or when it comes off sale 15) dollars.The most important aspect of The S...

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An objective review of The Stanley Parable 0

I have decided to do my bit for the forwarding of the cause for the proliferation of objective reviews of interactive media content by providing a review of The Stanley Parable.This will provide readers with a useful method of deciding if The Stanley Parable if worth investing their time and money in. It will avoid all the wishy washy ideas of subjective analysis and simply provide you, the reader, with what you need.You will, at the end of this process, be capable of making an informed choice b...

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While lacking in solid education, the entertainment from defying a games' script makes up for it in the end. 0

Taking directions in video games has become something we've all (generally) become resigned to; we read the manual, check out the controls menu, follow signs and hints in the environment, etc... In most cases, games follow a guideline and set limitations as to what extent you can deviate from the original plan or script, these rules becoming more lenient and expanded since the good ol' days of the NES and into the realms of MMOs and open-world exploration based titles. Still, seldom are you puni...

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