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An objective review of The Stanley Parable

I have decided to do my bit for the forwarding of the cause for the proliferation of objective reviews of interactive media content by providing a review of The Stanley Parable.

This will provide readers with a useful method of deciding if The Stanley Parable if worth investing their time and money in. It will avoid all the wishy washy ideas of subjective analysis and simply provide you, the reader, with what you need.

You will, at the end of this process, be capable of making an informed choice based not on a demo that fails to show any game content but via my exploration of the game, as it exists.

As this game is a non-linear progression through a narrated experience I have decided to log how I saw the game through a series of progressive snapshots of the game. Please respect the spoiler warnings I have had to use in some places and not hover to uncover them unless you have already purchased and completed the game.

The full gallery, including the spoiler tagged images, will provide people who wish to have a walk-through with the most direct way of experiencing the game, as it exists. This includes a meticulously detailed path to the best ending.

Now please click through and explore my review of The Stanley Parable.

Click here to continue.

After taking in that gallery, you have concluded exploring my review.

I am sure you are now ready to make that important purchasing decision.

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    The original Stanley Parable was a 2011 Source Engine mod dreamed up by USC graduate Davey Wreden. Using minimalist mechanics and a heavy focus on storytelling, Wreden built an interactive fiction which aimed to question the way stories in games are experienced and generate discussion about how the medium conveys narratives. This newer Stanley Parable builds on the foundation of the original, adding more paths to its branching story and an all-round graphical upgrade to its world.Something very ...

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    The Stanley Parable Is The Cleverest Game I've Played All Year 0

    The Stanley Parable is the cleverest video game I’ve played all year. It’s genuinely thought-provoking, a rare thing in this medium. It’s genuinely funny too, which is even rarer. While I was playing it, I didn’t want it to ever end. Sometimes it felt like it wouldn’t. I like The Stanley Parable and you should too.I will keep spoilers to a minimum in this review, but know that the best possible experience is had by playing the game with no expectations at all. Stop reading, download and play the...

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