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The last video game ever?

The Stanley Parable is a fascinating piece of fiction that plays out in ways I've never seen or even knew I wanted to see in a game. It explores the choose your own adventure tale that we see in games far too often, and expands on it in many hilarious ways. It's probably not worth it to read my review because I might end up spoiling aspects that are much better discovered on your own, but know that it is a well spent 12 (or when it comes off sale 15) dollars.

The most important aspect of The Stanley Parable is the inclusion of choice. You are first given the choice between following the narrator through one door, or disobeying and going through another. I followed the narrator closely for the first time and it was a lovely little game. Then I started going crazy and the game itself followed me down the rabbit hole. Never before have I seen a game meet me, the player, every step of the way like Stanley did. The narrator has a quip, and the game has an answer for every single action you make in the game. While the game itself is not exactly free form, the choices are limited by circumstance, it was still incredibly refreshing to see such player agency in a game.

It should go without saying that the narrator's voice acting is done exceptionally well, and is only second to the phenomenal writing in the game. You will go from loving this happy voice in your head, leading you to freedom, to being frightened by its authority to feeling quite sorry for it, and yourself. You'll think about your own meaningless job and what it might be like to realize one day that you're not in control of your life, and you'll fantasize about what it might be like to seize that control. Hopefully if you do, you'll make better use of it than jumping off a high platform just to prove it's possible.

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