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One for the gamers

I really enjoyed the Stanley Parable - it's great fun if you are used to games, and particularly first person games on PC. I have a long history of gaming, which helps with this, and many of the jokes (without giving anything away) are spot on. However, if you are not someone who sees themselves as a 'gamer' or you only play casual games, this one probably isn't for you.

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    The original Stanley Parable was a 2011 Source Engine mod dreamed up by USC graduate Davey Wreden. Using minimalist mechanics and a heavy focus on storytelling, Wreden built an interactive fiction which aimed to question the way stories in games are experienced and generate discussion about how the medium conveys narratives. This newer Stanley Parable builds on the foundation of the original, adding more paths to its branching story and an all-round graphical upgrade to its world.Something very ...

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    The Stanley Parable Is The Cleverest Game I've Played All Year 0

    The Stanley Parable is the cleverest video game I’ve played all year. It’s genuinely thought-provoking, a rare thing in this medium. It’s genuinely funny too, which is even rarer. While I was playing it, I didn’t want it to ever end. Sometimes it felt like it wouldn’t. I like The Stanley Parable and you should too.I will keep spoilers to a minimum in this review, but know that the best possible experience is had by playing the game with no expectations at all. Stop reading, download and play the...

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