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The Sticky Jumper is a secondary weapon replacement meant as a training weapon for practicing stickyjumping.

Stickybombs laid by the Sticky Jumper no effect on any players except the Demoman who placed them. When detonated, the blast does no damage but will still propel the Demoman with the same force as a regular stickybomb.

While ostensibly for jump training, the Team Fortress 2 community has nevertheless devised offensive uses for the Sticky Jumper. One tactic is to use the Jumper in tandem with the Ullapool Caber to cross the map quickly (by using a number of bombs that would normally kill the Demoman) and land an exploding melee attack in an enemy's face.


Clip Size8
Ammo Capacity72
Bullets Per Shot1 stickybomb
Base Damage0 (Deals no damage)
Rate of FireMedium
Projectile TypeProjectile
Reload TypeOne at a time


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  • The stickybombs that the Sticky Jumper fires look similar to the ones fired by the Stickybomb Launcher but without any spikes.
  • Bombs laid by the Sticky Jumper can be destroyed or pushed away in the same manner as regular stickybombs.
  • Despite receiving no damage from the detonation of the stickybombs, a Demoman wielding the Sticky Jumper will still take normal fall damage.

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