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    The Suicider

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    The Suicider, a hideous undead abomination covered in pulsating tumours, is an exploding zombie from Dead Island.

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    Dressed in the tattered remains of what was once a white shirt and blue jeans, the Suicider is completely covered in horrific, huge, pulsating boils filled with fluid that can be seen all over its upper body. The Suicider is a malformed and grotesque being disfigured by the virus. It moves slowly towards the player(s), apparently pleading for help. When the Suicider gets close enough, in addition to pleading for help, a sound reminiscent of a heartbeat begins thudding faster and faster as the Suicider comes closer to exploding. The resulting explosion usually kills/dismembers any living thing nearby, be it zombie or human. Due to this, Suiciders are best dealt with from a distance with firearms or throwing weapons. Due to their slow movement and easily recognizable sound, it usually takes other zombies to distract the player(s) for the Suicider to surprise the player(s).


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