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Set in the 19th century, The Survivors is an Arctic Western Battle Royale where up to 100 players fight it out in the bitter cold, for a claim in the Northern American Gold Rush.

Players will need to scavenge the little equipment left, in the scarce, rough and unforgiving mining region of Silverspring County.

Raging storms cover the lands of this mining region and the lands are filled with NPC bandits that guard valuable loot.


100 Player Combat

Take it up against 99 other gold hunters in the big map of Silverspring County. Scaling game systems will make sure players can enjoy any match, whether it is played with 10 or 100 players.

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The Arctic Gold Rush

Set in the 19th century of North America, Silverspring County contains a wide variety of environments. In the South-West, the boreal forest provides lush vegetation and the ruins of the natives. Far up north, bandits rule the land from their outposts, and in the east, there are the remnants of the booming frontier towns.

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Storm Eyes

Wild storms terrorize Silverspring County all throughout the map, but in small safe zones, players will find shelter from these blizzards. These Storm eyes will change dynamically based on player count.

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AI Bandit Camps

Once the gold rush came to its end, bandits started to take over Silverspring County. All over the place they settled camps or took over towns from the mining people. Over the years they have piled up quite some loot and they guard it with their lives. Though gold hunters who know how to handle a gun might be able to benefit from these loot hot spots

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Weapon Upgrade System

Scrap can be found all throughout the map, which can be used to equip a variety of weapon upgrades. Add scopes, new magazines, different ammo type and more.

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