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4.25 stars 4.25/5 Stars Average score of 4 user reviews spread across 7 releases and 0 DLC

Rather mediocre under the polished exterior 0

The game starts out quite promising. The graphic look really nice, featuring a 2D side scroller look that is enriched with tons of zoom, paralax and light effects that make the graphics pop-out without the need to use fully fleded 3D models. Making this easily one of the best looking 2D games around. The sound effects and music establish a creepy and mysterious athomsphere. It feels and looks a bit like a 2D Dead Space, but without the jump scares or zombies.The core of the gameplay is the swap...

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The Swapper is brilliant, beautiful, and one of the best games of the year. 2

There are a lot of indie games. There are a lot of puzzle games. There are a lot of indie puzzle games. Managing to stand out from the pack and be original is a challenge a lot of games have but when your genre is filled with games like Portal, Braid, Limbo, and recently Antichamber, it can be almost impossible.To say that The Swapper stands out from the pack would be an understatement. The Swapper not only stands out from the pack but it stands head and shoulders among the best puzzle platforme...

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A well-crafted puzzle experience from top to bottom 0

The Swapper is an indie puzzle game with light platforming elements and a unique visual artstyle. Don’t roll your eyes; I know you want to. While I have to admit that this particular kind of game has become a bit tired over the last few years, I still think The Swapper is a fantastic product, one worth your time if you're willing to give it a look.As a puzzle game, The Swapper is mostly about its puzzles. There is no combat to speak of and death is a rare thing (with a very forgiving checkpoint ...

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The Swapper - a metaphysical puzzle game 0

You can immediately tell that the swapper was made by people with a passion and a story they wanted to tell. Everything from the cleverly designed puzzles, to the haunting music, to the lovingly crafted "claymation" environments, all of this screams of a game made by very dedicated people who have talent and drive. But all the well-meaning passion in the world doesn't mean squat if it doesn't play decently or have any meat to it.Fortunately, The Swapper is well designed enough, with just enough ...

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