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ToEE had it's fair share of faults, but the fighting mechanics and gameplay is probably one of the most interesting and fun I have ever stumbled upon in a game. They don't make rpg's with such passion anymore. RIP Troika Games

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This game is great. It's very faithful to the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Edition ruleset. The combat is turned-based and heavily reliant on tactics and abilities of your party.  If you are into that sort of thing, get this game. If that doesn't sound appealing at all, you should probably give this game a pass. 
Be sure to pick up the Circle of Eight mods for this game.  It fixes a lot of the broken stuff with the original release and adds some missing areas that were in the original pen and paper adventure but not in the game (The brothel being a big one). 
(quoted from NeoGAF:) 

main link for forum with newest version

Link to grid/download explaining all versions of Co8 mod and what they do.

newest version (at the moment) w/ setup instuctions (above link may be better if this becomes outdated)

GOG's ToEE forum - Instructions of how to get Co8 working properly will likely be found here first.


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Bought it the second I got the e-mail from GoG that it was available. It's still ridiculously great. Heck, even the tutorial gives you a smile of adventurous satisfaction upon completion.

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Yeah, this really made my day. I love that GoG are putting out the classics. RIP Troika.

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Has any one who bought this game on a PC running XP had problems installing/running it?  
I really want to buy it but ive reading a lot of people had problems running it on XP 

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@liako21: I haven't encountered any problems with the installation, and in the short amount of time I've played it, it hasn't crashed either.
I'm running it on XP.
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GOG usually does some extra work to make sure that all of their games run on XP and Vista. I know that the ToEE.exe file can be labeled a virus and deleted sometimes, so if that happens you should reinstall the game and add it to your exceptions. 
I'm running Win7 on my main computer and ToEE works great. It also runs fine on my XP netbook and Vista laptop.

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ToEE was released in the era of XP in the first place. GOG would have to actively break it to make XP not work.

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@ATrevelan:  do you know if there are any good mods that can make it look good on a widescreen monitor? I'd like to play it on my laptop without the black bars on the sides.
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@FancySoapsMan: I don't know what to tell you. I have it running at 1600 x 900 and I don't remember doing anything to the game to get it that way. Check out the GOG forums on the game over here:  http://www.gog.com/en/forum/temple_of_elemental_evil/#1293458715 
GB forums are great and all, but GOG's are better for game-specific help. 
EDIT: Correction! After going through their forums myself, I came across a link to this site:  http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/wiki/The_Temple_of_Elemental_Evil. Lo and behold, I followed the directions there to get the game in widescreen. Just an ini tweak, so it's super easy.
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@ATrevelan: awesome, thanks for the help!
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I bought the game from gog.com and installed the CO8 patches. It hasnt crashed once and is running just fine. Im enjoying it so far and I like it much better than Icewind dale I. 
You need to grind out a level or two. going to the moat house with a lvl 2 party is a bad idea lol

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The game's good and all, but with access to Icewind Dale II and a batch of people willing to play AD&D it's quite pointless. 
If I want my pure grind-on, I'll play ID2. Not worth it when ID2 is a much better game, available for a fairly comparable price, and from GOG as well.  

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