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    The Terminator: Future Shock

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 31, 1995

    Terminator: Future shock was one of the first games to use 100% free mouse-look. The player must solve objectives, avoid radiation and destroy Terminators to complete levels. The player can also man a Jeep or HK Fighter.

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    At the time it was released, Terminator: Future Shock was a game ahead of it's time. It was the first game to use "Mouse Look" with full X and Y axis (freelook). This was next used by id Software's Quake. The game featured a "2.5D" engine. All environments, enemies and vehicles were rendered in 3D, but the game's HUD was 2D as well as in-game ammo boxes. This graphic engine may seem crude, but considering it was one of the first engines to use full polygon world and enemy modeling and in a time that was years prior to the release and popularity of 3d accellerators.

    The game was set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles with the player being given the objective to destroy Skynet's headquarters to cripple the machine menace. The title also featured a somewhat difficult to control driving and flying mechanic as the player could man the classic "HK" flying hunter-killer terminator craft and drive a human resistance jeep with gun turret. Bethesda has since relinquished the use of the Terminator license, but this was the pinacle of Terminator games on the PC.


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