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    The Terrible Shotgun

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    Unique combat shotgun from Fallout 3.

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    The Terrible Shotgun is a unique version of the combat shotgun owned by Smiling Jack.
    Damage at 100% Condition: 84
    Ammunition: Shotgun Shells
    Repair With: Combat Shotguns.

    Finding the Terrible Shotgun

    The Evergreen Mills Bazaar is run by Smiling Jack who owns the terrible shotgun, It cannot be stolen initially and he will not trade for it but it can be acquired in the following ways.
    1. Kill him dead, you will be losing a valuable business partner but you will gain his inventory as well as the terrible shotgun and as always make sure to do whatever trading you need done with him so you regain your caps and items sold to him after his death. (side note:No loss of karma is obtained from killing this character)
    2. Shoot the gun form his hand, Engage him in combat and shoot the terrible shotgun from his hand making sure to pick it up before he does this retains your business partner, simply leave and comeback 72 hours later for the inhabitants to forget your misdeed.
    3. Pickpocket him, First pickpocket his shotgun ammo then leave the Mills Bazaar save and reload that save and reenter the terrible shotgun should be a item in his inventory now free to pickpocket.
    4. You can break the terrible shotgun with a well aimed shot then simply put away your weapon to end the fight and it will now be part of his purchasable inventory.

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