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    The Three Stooges

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released 1987

    Developed by Cinemaware, the Three Stooges is a minigame collection focused on classic Stooge skits.

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    The Three Stooges was originally released in 1987 for several different systems. It has been ported and remade numerous times in the interim. The remakes never changed the core gameplay, but usually updated the graphics.


    An evil banker wants to shut down an orphanage in a greedy scheme to make money. The only way to save the orphanage is to pay the banker the money he demands. The Three Stooges step in and take on the task by doing odd jobs to make money. Failure to meet the bankers price means the orphanage is lost.


    Levels are based on classic slapstick comedy
    Levels are based on classic slapstick comedy

    The Three Stooges is made up of several minigames that put the player in control of classic Stooge moments. The game covers several genres of gameplay with action, platform and trivia levels. The Stooges have thirty days to make enough money to save the orphanage and on each day the player takes on a randomly chosen minigame. Levels may have the Stooges going through grocery stores and hospitals causing havoc, working in restaurants, or retrieving a violin to play Curly's "Pop Goes the Weasel". Other games involve answering Three Stooges trivia. There are also "negative" levels that will involve paying the banker taxes or bills.

    There are several endings to the game depending on the amount of money made. The failed ending will have the banker taking the orphanage, but the rest are different win scenarios.


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