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    The Vindicator

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    The Vindicator (also known as The Flagship or SIS) is the main flagship in Star Control 2

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    The Vindicator is the main Flagship in Star Control 2. As the captain, you control this ship through almost the entire length of the game. The ship itself is a framework to which a combination of separate enhancement modules can be attached. Thus, this ship has multiple bays in which you can add better guns, more storage, better fuel containers, etc. As you play through Star Control 2, you can tailor The Vindicator to fit your exact needs for each specific mission.


    The Vindicator is actually a Precursor "tugboat", designed as a multi-purpose workhorse.  The ship was built by a Precursor (The Precursors were an ancient, highly advanced species) factory on the planet Unzervalt. Construction of The Vindicator inadvertently began when Jules Farnsworth (a human scientist) accidentally initiated the factory's prime function -  the building of starships. The initial stages of the construction occurred within the factory's cavern, with the The Vindicator's spine section being built first. Soon after this the construction transitioned outside the cavern, onto the planet's surface. Finally, after ten years, construction halted prior to completion when the factory had exhausted all of its available resources. Although the resulting vessel was capable of interstellar travel, it was a mere skeleton of a starship, equipped only with a Crew Pod, a Fuel Tank, a Storage Bay, a single Ion-Bolt, one Planet Lander, and two pairs each of Thrusters and Turning Jets. Because The Vindicator'rs controls were designed for Precursors and not Humans, the Human colonists created an automated control system by removing central control computer of the factory from the cavern and installing it on the ship.

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