The Void - Surreal adventure (Blog post)

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Clarification: I am no way associated with the development of the game. I'm just a dedicated fan. 
I come here to try and raise a bit of awareness to a game called The Void, by Ice-Pick Lodge, creators of the acclaimed if not underrated and a bit unknown game, Pathologic.
The game is set to release in Europe on the 25th of September by newly created publisher Mamba games.
So, to expand a bit more on The Void and to prevent this thread to become nothing more than a shameless plug, What is The Void?
The Void is a game release in Russia and other CIS countries in 2008, where it won several Russian game awards and sat in a Russian museum for art. The Void already saw a release in Poland and Germany and a re-release in Russia.
Following the same creative path as Pathologic, The Void sets itself as a surreal work of art doubling as a game.


The premise of the game is that you are dead and end up in some kind of purgatory. From there your only resource is colour. Colour is your life, colour is death, colour is your voice, colour is your weapon. With that you must dominate the Brother that inhabit the The Void and conquer the Sisters that also live there using the colour you gather and using it to draw glyphs corresponding to your actions.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

More detailed information can be found in a interview done by Rock, Paper, Shotgun:


Some of these videos might not be safe for work.


If the premise intrigues you, feel free to join us at

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did i see a topless hottie in one of the game screenshots? not the ones you posted here

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Yes you did

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It's definitely very art-gamey. Played some but not sure I could play through the entire thing.

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The first English review is out:

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Hey guys, Ice-pick speaking. :)

I can answer a couple of questions, if you have any. :)

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Another great review:
Just Adventure
A reminder that the game is schedule to come out in 23rd of October.  :)

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I heard they patched the game because it was "too hard". What exactly would be the hard part of this game? Is it like survivor horror (item management, limited resources etc.)?

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I heard about the gae before... It seemed really nice!
@thelxr said:


Hey guys, Ice-pick speaking. :)

I can answer a couple of questions, if you have any. :)

Kudos for making such a nice and engrossing experience.

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