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It does the interesting things horribly and standard genre fare worse. Survival Instinct is an ugly train wreck. 0

The Walking Dead series is not a typical zombie story. Instead of focusing on the zombies themselves the story is focused on the characters and their relationship with both the living and the dead. This unique mixture of written drama and intense action has made The Walking Dead one of the number one shows right now. With the success of both the comic and AMC TV show fans expected a video game adaptation of the series with the same gut wrenching drama and violence the series is praised for and t...

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Walking Dead? No, Just Dead... 0

There really isn't any reason why this game should exist from a gaming standpoint. No company in their right mind would release a product that is so broken and just bad unless they had one thing in mind - a cash grab. That's all this game is. It's sole purpose is to trick people who don't follow game reviews into buying this strictly based on the name. The poor sucker will take one look, think to themselves "Hey, Walking Dead! I love that show!" and decide to buy it because it's from the c...

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Super Dixon Bros. 0

With a great TV show breaking records weekly with the viewer count on AMC, the monthly issue of the comic still going strong, the solid books detailing more information about key characters, and the video-game from Telltale last year that won several awards and was adored by fans and critics, there has never been a better time to be into zombies.While Telltale's game was a great story of choices and consequences, it was strictly an adventure title which disappointed fans who wanted to run and gu...

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