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Walking Dead? No, Just Dead...

There really isn't any reason why this game should exist from a gaming standpoint. No company in their right mind would release a product that is so broken and just bad unless they had one thing in mind - a cash grab. That's all this game is. It's sole purpose is to trick people who don't follow game reviews into buying this strictly based on the name. The poor sucker will take one look, think to themselves "Hey, Walking Dead! I love that show!" and decide to buy it because it's from the company who makes Call of Duty. As they rush home and plop it into their 360 they'll anticipate shooting arrows from Daryl's crossbow and sneaking up on zombies to shove their knife into their skull. It won't take long before they are being talked down from a ledge about to jump a victim of the game that is "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct."

I rented this game from Gamefly because there really wasn't anything else on my list coming out yet and I wanted to see what all the hype (sarcasm) was about. I knew what I was getting into though. Within the first couple minutes I saw what everyone has been talking about.

The game looks like an early 2007 Xbox 360 game with controls that are just horrendous. The AI is horrible, invisible walls are aplenty, and it just reeks of a rush cash grab. When a zombie comes up to you and all you have is melee weapon, you press right trigger to slash them in the face. They literally just stand their as you do it 4 times and then move on to the next.

I played for another hour just to see if any redeeming qualities came out - none did. I packed it back up in Gamefly's packaging and it's off to the Gamefly shipping center where hopefully it'll get lost in transit and make it's way to the 7th layer of hell, where it belongs.

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