2 things this game should patch in

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1) Inverted aiming - I was fine with not having it up until episode three when they threw that COD sniping section in there. I died so many times just because of the poor controls as the game isn't a FPS and i was willing to let it slide but then they add in like 3 or 4 shooting sections in episode 4 where again, you kind of need to be quick but you feel like you're wrestling with the controls.  
If they insist on adding shooting segments they should offer inverted controls
2) The ability to hand pick major choices in previous episodes - For whatever, reason my save file was erased when i downloaded and started episode 3 so in turn (aside from being pissed) i had to keep having it randomly generate all my choices up to that point and settle for the one that was closest to what i had originally set up and even then i had to sacrifice a bit of my original choices (for some reason i could never get the game to have carley alive while not aiding kenny in killing larry)
The game should let you hand pick the major choices while randomly filling in the smaller nuanced choices
The exclusion of these things aren't gamebreaking of course but i think they'd be very beneficial.

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