Anybody else wanted to kill Lilly? (Walking Dead Comic Spoilers)

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#1 Posted by allworkandlowpay (928 posts) -

Knowing she ends up shooting and killing both Lori and her daughter?

I mean I'm not positive it's the same girl, but I have a suspicion.

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#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I thought you were talking about Lilly and I was about to have to fight you.

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#3 Posted by tallTuck94 (586 posts) -

Yeah although I really disliked Lori I really wanted to kill her just cause she ends up helping the governor who in turn killed Tyreese.

I'm expecting lee to get into a lot more conflict with her and her dad.

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#4 Edited by AndrewB (7815 posts) -

@Ravenlight said:

I thought you were talking about Lilly and I was about to have to fight you.

So did I. But I was just excited for the chance to talk about KS again. My favorite character, too.

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#5 Posted by Cheesebob (1307 posts) -

I thought those two got killed during the governer attack and not explicitly by Lilly? I've not read beyond issue 48 so shhhhh on anything beyond then

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#6 Posted by Gravier251 (219 posts) -

She was killed by Lilly, from what I recall she had some doubts but the governor forced her to take the shot killing both Lori and the baby. She found out and was not happy about it, getting back at the governor in a rather awesome way. I didn't feel the need to kill her, never really liked Lori anyway.

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#7 Edited by NlGHTCRAWLER (1219 posts) -

@allworkandlowpay: Lilly is in the show? wtf....

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#8 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5777 posts) -

Well Lori kind of sucks so...

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#9 Posted by DonutFever (4038 posts) -

They said beforehand that Lilly was gonna be in it. So yes.

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