Episode 1 listed as not installed?

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So I just got this on the Steam Halloween sale. Installed and started up a new game. It jumped directly into Episode 2. Looked in the episode status list. Ep 1 is not even listed as installed. Anyone have any ideas? Posted in the steam forums as well. Man I hope I'm not screwed. 

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Try veryfieing files, and then restarting steam.

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@Dagbiker: Thanks for the reply. Tried it, No Dice! I'm going to try deleting everything and re-downlowding.
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The first episode never shows the word 'installed', it's implied that by having the the game that the first episode is installed.

Maybe start episode 2, then wait until the game saves, then exit out and try loading that save. From there you might get an option to select the episode you want.

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