Episode 4 Trailer

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The trailer starts at about the 13 minute mark. Obviously, don't watch if you want to avoid the most minor of details.

My observations:

  • Ben will get into even more trouble than he already has gotten in with Lee, particularly when he seems to abandon Clementine to the walkers.
  • That moment Lee suggests Kenny has a drink in episode 3 was probably foreshadowing for what he uses to cope with everything that's been happening in episode 4.
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Does it say the day when Episode 4 will be released? I don't want any spoilers at all so I'm trying to avoid reading or watching stuff.

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@IzzyGraze: The episode's writer has stated it will be released in October sooner rather than later.

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I wanted to be able to at least kick Ben's ass in episode 3, he got off way too easy for what he did. Hopefully Lee will deal with him in episode 4.

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I can't wait for this one to drop, the last episode really left me wanting more.

edit: also I love Up At Noon.

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@gaminghooligan said:

I can't wait for this one to drop, the last episode really left me wanting more.

edit: also I love Up At Noon.

Like a good dubstep song, this game will drop just at the right time and we'll all love it and go crazy...

Then complain in the next few minutes that we need another drop as the first left us wanting more.

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This has been my favourite game this year. Can't wait!

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Its really cool how Gary Whitta is involved with The Walking Dead. I guess it can't be stated enough.

Piggly Wiggly. Indeed, Gary! Pictures unrelated to The Dead Walking. :)

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Good picture. It is cool to know he's involved in part 4.

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Ahh! Bald Miller!

I'm a terrible person.

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