How to get 360 Controller to Work on PC

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#1 Posted by Ross (443 posts) -

Whenever I try to use my 360 controller, my computer recognizes it and has already installed the drivers, but when I start up Walking Dead I can't find an option to switch control settings. Any help would be awesome, thanks everyone.

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#2 Posted by WEB_War4 (115 posts) -

It's broken. I think all of Telltale's games are. Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and The Walking Dead. They all work, but not with the controller. On the win8 release preview those games would crash immediately. There is no solution on their forums either. If you're using 7 or earlier, try downloading the software from microsoft's site.

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#3 Posted by Teoball (777 posts) -

I've had no problems at all using a 360 controller in Jurrasic Park or The Walking Dead. I just plug it in and the buttons change from keyboard the to the controller.

Sorry, I don't have any idea why yours doesn't work.

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#4 Posted by Skrams (275 posts) -

If you've installed the drivers from Microsofts site then when you start up the game and just move an analog stick the interface should just switch over to the 360 interface where its button prompts and so on. The only problem I had during the game was pressing pause and it showing a mouse cursor and it sometimes would stay there during the game. Also this was on XP.

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@Ross: Are you using a wired 360 controller or a wireless 360 controller with receiver for pc?

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@Ross: Just go to options and choose "show 360 buttons", you should be able to use your controller after that, same thing happened to me.

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#7 Posted by agentboolen (1989 posts) -

@Ross: Did you try Xpadder?

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#8 Edited by WEB_War4 (115 posts) - This thread links to a dinput8.dll to put in the folder that gets the controller working. It made both jurassic part and the walking dead work for me, worth a shot.

Edit: The link is on post #15, and post #16 warns "Be careful on the topdll site it is on the shady side, don't allow it to scan for errors, but the dll is clean from what NOD32 tells me."

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