Is there a way to buy this one episode at a time on pc.

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Just played the demo on ps3 and I'm actually kinda interested in this game now. I've never played a telltale game but this seemed to be off to a great start. However, I wanted to buy it on pc and there doesn't seem to be a way to buy it episode by episode. It seems like it would be the same price that way ( cept I think its a 5 dollar discount on PSN for the bundle) but I wanted to try the first episode before I totally jumped in. If anyone could help that would be great. Thanks!

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@Sackmanjones Nope. Pretty much they are making it so you have to buy it a bundle on PC.

Which is really weird considering Xbox doesn't even have a bundle, you just buy them individually.

You may as well buy the bundle on PS3, It's only 20 bucks.

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You have to buy the whole pack on pc, no way to buy single episodes.

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It was only like $22 if you got it before it released, and still only $30 now that it's out. I'd say my experience with the first episode was really good and worth most of that already, I feel good about the purchase and honestly wish Telltale would charge a bit more because when they nail their games they really nail them, and these games deserve support.

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No idea if anyone is still worried about this, but as of Sunday, it was still 22.50 on Amazon. and they're just selling you a steam code.

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That's upsetting to here, why would they do that on PC? I'm interested in the game but I'm don't want to commit to the full season. I've never even played a Telltale game before, didn't read the comic don't watch the TV show, I just wanna dip my toe in.

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@akiman89: If you have a ps3 you can go in for a 5 dollar episode. As for me I took a gamble and bought the whole season and I was in your position. Never played a telltale game, never read the comic, I did watch the show however.  But I thought the game was excellent. Anyway like I said if you have a ps3 or 360 you can try it there.
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I saw on PS3 you could buy the first episode by itself.

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