POLL: Favorite Episode (Spoilers!)

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Spoilers! Come Back After You Have Completed The Walking Dead!!!! 


I think that episodes 2 and 4 were the strongest in the series. If I had to rank them it would be 4,2, 5,1,3. Episode 4 felt like it had the most interesting shit going on, with the section at the school probably being the highlight of the season for me (next to the  cannibals  from episode 2). Then there was that horrible shit at the end the made you wonder whether there was anything you could have done to avoid it. Which was your favorite episode and why?
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Number five. That shit was bleak.

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@Ravenlight said:

Number five. That shit was bleak.

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I really liked them all besides the third one which was just good in my opinion (my opinion of is is probably hurt by the fact that I spent more time trying to fix technical problems with it than actually playing episode 3.)

Edit: I guess 5. Shit was crazy.

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Reflecting on it, I feel like 5 and 3 had the most impact on me. Those were the episodes when my favourite characters died, and each of their deaths was handed exceptionally well, which is what makes this game stand out IMO.

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Episode 2. Felt like a great snippet of the world and the whole farm story plays out really well.

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2. The last bits with Andrew are some powerfully directed moments, especially if you beat the shit out of him and let him live. It's THE moment that resonated with me the most in the entire game, apart from the ending of 5.

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Molly is my favourite character by far in the series so episode 4 for sure.

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My real answer would be none.

But since there's no none/show results option i voted 2. I just didn't care about the story that much and found the first episode to be boring and 3,4 and 5 were all equally but in different ways frustrating.

2 is more of a self contained story within the bigger thing and i thought is was alright, if somewhat useless. Well except the ending that basically sets up the ending of the whole game.

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3 is the one with the train,right?

If so, 3.

Kenny and the loss of his child...Lilly and her breakdown into paranoia...teaching Celmintine to defend herself and Ben being the dumbass that he is.

It was that episode that made it one of my favourite games this gen.

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thought the premise was one of the more unique twists on the zombie apocalypse I'd seen.

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2 is the correct answer.

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In 2 we saw how other people were living. But 3 was soooooo fucked. Then again, the conclusion to 5 was bleak.

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2 was the best pure episode. It had the right mix of tension and release, good mix of objectives and plot devices, well acted. 2 was like a great mid-season television episode; it really shows the 'style' of the writing more than necessarily getting bogged down in overarching plot details.

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5. I was playing TWD for emotional impact.

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It's hard to really say which one was the best since they all had their moments, I was originally going to say episode 3 because of the twists and shocks but I think that the utter bleakness and complete payoff of episode 5. Right from the get-go when Lee loses an arm it sets the tone as the darkest episode of the season. Even though it's a bit on the short side compared to the other episodes, it has the most emotional moments of the game. The conversation with the stranger was heart-pounding, Kenny and Ben had closure and the final minutes were no doubt this season's finest moment. It's really great to see an episodic game stay as consistent and raise the bar even higher with each installment. I'm really excited for the next season, whatever direction they decide to take with it.

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3 had the biggest sucker punches, and when shit got real. Standing outside the train, being timed on whether or not to leave Lilly behind. That's when things really kicked up and started, before that, it just seemed like some short stories tied along with a loose overall narrative.

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Episode 2, shit got crazy!

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dude had no legs

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Had to go with 3. Getting broadsided by the outright murder of Carly was probably the biggest shock of the game for me. I literally went slackjawed and just stared at the screen trying to put together what just happened. Then I totally left Lily because I was in a fit of rage.

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this thread has already been done, but I picked 2 told a great stand alone story.

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In order of preference:

  1. Episode 5 - bleak, emotional, but I really felt connected with the group that I was moving through the episode with. It was a tragic last stand in hopes of protecting the little girl that I was ready to die for.
  2. Episode 3 - fuck. Just a series of fucks. My only gripe with episode 3 is that it clings too heavily on prior episodes and feels scrapped together from so many independent pieces that lack a cohesive identity.
  3. Episode 4 - A lot of crazy stuff happens, it has a unique identity, but some portions of the experience could have used some trimming down. A lot of characters were introduced and thrown out too fast for my liking.
  4. Episode 2 - A spectacular story that feels more tangentially related to the overall plot than anything. The opposite problem of episode 3.
  5. Episode 1 - Too heavy-handed, poor pacing, and it spends too much time driving home irrelevant character backstory that is never made good on. While I enjoyed it, I feel like it is a real shame that this is how people walk into this spectacular series.
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I'm torn. 3 hit me the hardest, particularly Carley's death. I had to step away from the computer for a few minutes after that. However, I really liked the tone of 2. From the moment I met the St. John brothers, I knew there was something wrong with them, and that episode did a great job of slowly raising that level of dread.

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Episode 4 was the weakest imo. It introduces a number of filler characters who die or leave by the end of the episode. Episode 2 or 5 were my favorites, with Ep.1 pretty close.

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2 was an awesome story, and I still felt like I had some agency in the world so that was definitely my favorite. I don't like 3 as much as most people, the illusion was kind of broken for me in that episode, and while it did have those two pretty strong moments, I think the rest of the episode is sort of boring. 1 felt kind of obvious, 4 was never very spectacular, and 5 was too short.

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Probably 4, because of the Crawford scene.

it finally looks like you're about to find a place where people have managed to create an efficient and organized (if somewhat cruel) society, only discover that the entire place is overrun with walkers. That part really freaked me out.

5 was amazing because of the ending, but it was kind of short.

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3 for Carly. Literally that one scene. It hit me and I started crying, even though it was obvious that something was going to happen from the moment she started getting attached to Lee.

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