Question for those who downloaded it with psn....

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#1 Posted by A_Person (13 posts) -

I just bought all five episodes, and episode 1 suppose to be download as a demo? After buying, it prompts me to download, and the first one is under demo while the other ones are under either extra or add on.

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#2 Posted by Zeik (4818 posts) -

Yes, I believe so. That's pretty common actually. The demo is the full game and you just unlock the code to access the full thing when you purchase it.

Although this game is a bit different since subsequent episodes are still full downloads.

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#3 Posted by Kerned (1186 posts) -

PSN games often download as demos along with a separate unlock file. The other episodes are in fact add-ons, and will show up in the game's chapter select.

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#4 Posted by awesomeusername (4613 posts) -

Demo and full game unlock. Download those @A_Person:

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#5 Posted by A_Person (13 posts) -

Alright, thank guys.

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