Save games just don't save anymore.

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So every time a new episode drops on the walking dead on PC, my save game becomes unreadable. Now with episode IV, my game just doesn't save.

Since there official forums are a piece of shit does anyone know here a way to fix this or am I fucked? Does anyone know of one of those save game creators like they had for the Mass Effect games for The Walking Dead? I'd like just to be able to play the new episodes.

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Actually there is an EASY fix for this...

The game has a BUG and stores prefs.prop in TWO locations, and this confuses the heck of the game. Keep monitoring D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Walking Dead\Pack\default (or wherever it's installed). If you NUKE that file in that directory it uses the one in your user documents folder (this is the CORRECT one that should ALWAYS be used)... sometimes the game makes another in the game directory, and they sends everything to hell

As a SAFETY thing.. don't just delete the file in the game dir.. MOVE it to your desktop.. You should fire up the game and be able to rewind, etc, and your choices will be with you... If you nuke this file and the game acts like you have NO save information whatsoever, that means you have to COPY that file in the games folder to C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead. After that back up and delete the one in the games directory....

Once you get this sorted, EVERY TIME you exit to desktop, check the game's folder, if prefs.prop shows up, DELETE IT... this has been a PC bug 3-4 months now, and the IDIOTS who made the game have not bothered to patch such a simple bug.

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What do mean by "nuking" it? im playing through the game for my second time since im going to review it in school and i dont really know where to click and all, im am not very technic (or however you say it, i hope you still undertsnad) and i dont really know where to find all the files you mentioned

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