Stuck on Episode 3 (Camera glitch) (PC)

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#1 Posted by traveux (13 posts) -

I'm playing the PC version of this.

I'm stuck at the beginning of chapter 7, talking to Chuck. After the conversation, instead of taking control of the character, the camera just switched to the railroad tracks. I can't move the camera at all to go back into the train.

I've tried restarting and reinstalling and I still get this issue. Did anyone run into this and if so how did you fix it?

Also for those who have played it, if I just jump to episode 4 and let the game randomize for me, is the story going to be close enough where it's still a good experience?

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#2 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I had a similar glitch on PS3. After talking to chuck and passing leaving past Kenny the camera zipped over to some trees and I had to reset. Thankfully it never happened the second time.

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#3 Posted by Zor (756 posts) -

I had the same experience as ImmortalSaiyan, had it happen on the PS3, so i reset-ed, and it didn't happen again. The only other different was that i didn't fully talk to Chuck.

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