The Walking Dead (Steam Code) Giveaway

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Hey duders, some of you know that I do a video game podcast and it just so happens we are giving away 3 Steam codes for The Walking Dead Season 1.

The details of our contest are in our most recent show over here. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes.

The quick and dirty details are this. You have until about 6pm est on Wednesday the 29th to enter (2 days from now). You need to send us a funny haiku, limerick, poem, joke, parody song, etc.... Whatever you wan't, we just have to be able to read it or play it on the show. The theme of the entry must be Walking Dead or horror related (funny entries have the upper hand). Send you submission to our show email which is

That is it, we will pick our 3 favorites on the show which will be posted sometime on Wednesday night, I will also post the winners here. Do not put your submissions in the thread. Email only. Good luck, have zombies!


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