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Hey guys, I really want to get into The Walking Dead, but I'm not sure which platform (excluding PC) to play on. Typically I would always go Xbox 360 for any multi-platform release, but playing the demo for The Walking Dead on both consoles I noticed weird visual quirks that put me off from making a choice either way. The 360 version is absurdly dark even when turning up the brightness, and the PS3 version has what seems to have heavy compression artifacts.

Looking online, I haven't found any discussions online verifying that these issues are either confined to the demo areas or present in the rest of the game. So if you guys could tell me how your experiences have been and direct me to one platform or another, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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The PC would definitely be the best but excluding that I would say there is not a huge amount of difference between the consoles. The 360 has some serious slowdown at points but so does the ps3. I would just get it on the platform you would prefer to play it on, it suffers from tech issues on both consoles.

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Go with the PS3, they get the episodes a day earlier than the 360.

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PS3. Buy the Season Pass and get an Episode for free. I haven't really noticed any artifacts since that scene in the first episode with the light shining through the window.

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To add to this thread. Does anyone have experience with the iOS version? I've been contemplating getting it on my phone.

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