Which version runs better, 360 or ps3?

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#1 Posted by A_Person (13 posts) -

Trying to decide which version to get,

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#2 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5777 posts) -

PS3 sounds like it has the least amount of problems.

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#3 Posted by inevpatoria (7062 posts) -

@A_Person: PS3 player here. Framerate hiccups are relatively common but don't affect the experience at all. I ran into a game-crashing bug in Episode 3 but I don't think that's platform specific.

Walking Dead performed much better than Jurassic Park, which hung for a bit every time a prompt popped up onscreen.

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#4 Posted by spiceninja (3239 posts) -

I played all the way through the PS3 version and had two game crashes during episode 3. Other than that it ran just fine and you get a platinum for just playing through all 5 episodes.

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#5 Posted by Smokay (543 posts) -

On the 360 the loading times seem abit long but theres this one part in episode 5 where you are climbing a ladder and the framerate turn into like 4-5 which is horrible

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