The Walking Dead

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    Presenting an original story in the same franchise as the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead is a five-part adventure game from Telltale that follows the story of a convicted murderer, his guardianship over a young girl, and his co-operation with a roaming group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse.

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    We're off to a good start 4

    The Walking dead Ep1 is a great start to what i hope is a great overall season. As an avid TWD fan i was excited to hear on the Bombcast that this was canonical and had a completely different story parallel to Rick and his crew. The Point and Click nature with the gripping story and some pretty harrowing QTEs really do help make the decisons in this game have more weight and immerse you into their struggle.So first off if your playing it on XBLA, PSN and iOS your price of entry is only 5$ its a ...

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    An Emotional Rollercoaster 1

    You don’t need me to tell you that Telltale’s The Walking Dead is a big deal. Since its release in 2012, the game has received a slew of accolades from gaming press and fans alike, not just because of its ability to tell an excellent story, but because it does so in a way that overcomes many of the narrative hurdles that video games have traditionally faced, and I can honestly say that every bit of the praise it’s received is deserved. In the game you play as Lee Everett, a convicted murderer on...

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    The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved For Help Review 0

    My biggest worry with The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starving for Help was that it could never live up to how much I enjoyed my time with episode 1. Not only does Starving for Help outdo episode 1 in almost every respect, but it explores areas of a post-apocalyptic world that I’ve never seen before, and evokes genuine emotion at ever corner. Unfortunately, the same technical issues that plagued episode 1 are still present here, in full force.SPOILER ALERT: This review will spoil moments from The Wa...

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    Compellingly Tells Expected Story of Archetypal Characters. 0

    I haven't been overly enthused about the TV show since their storytelling began to decline in the last episode of the first season. I'm also tired of the same style of zombie games we keep getting, am not normally a huge adventure or point-and-click player, and have never liked the concept of "episodic content".However, I'm compelled by the archetypal characters and choices in the first of five bite-sized episodes of this Telltale game. (First episode clocks in just over two hours). It's more in...

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    Storytelling vs. game mechanics - A paradox for the ages 0

    The interesting thing about The walking Dead is, if you would force me to sit down and write a review after immediately finishing the game and measuring its sheer and unfiltered emotional impact (atmosphere, story, characters and scares!), I would rate this game much higher than an 8. The characters are interesting, well through through and almost all of them really hard to read, especially when you compare the characters to games such as LA Noire or the Mass Effect, all of which pay a heavy du...

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    Great interactive movie! 0

    Really enjoyed playing this game (and all the other episodes). Like playing an interactive movie (in a good way).The characters are great, the settings and story are fantastic. Although some narrative components are the same as the T.V. show, I find it to be vastly superior in tone and content.I look forward to more games from Telltale!...

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    Short, yet sweet; a great tease for the new season 0

    Telltale's The Walking Dead was, without a doubt, one of the best narrative experiences in gaming. While the wait for season two has been arduous, the studio threw a fan community a bone with The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a short expansion that serves as a lead-in to the next season and introduces a whole new cast of characters.400 Days differs from season one's format, delivering a series of short vignettes that present that back stories and motivations of five survivors who have nothing in commo...

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    The Walking Dead Review: The Full Package 0

    The Walking is an episodic adventure game from famed developer Telltale Games, who are renowned for producing games of this style and type. I have watched the tv series and really enjoyed the universe that Robert Kirkman has created with the Walking Dead, but I was skeptical that it could be a good game, especially in an adventure format that Telltale have crafted here, but The Walking Dead is an experience that everyone should pay attention to this year.The relationship between Clementine and L...

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    Mind blowing 0

    I've never felt the urge to express my opinion on any website or message boards, but as a somewhat casual gamer (I'm not hardcore or die hard but I would try anything to see what it's like), I was optimistic as to how this would play out as a point and click adventure compared to the comics & tv show. Personally I felt that the game was about a 3/4 out of 5 partly due to the fact that I felt half way through the game play it was lagging and severely glitchly and seemingly spontaneously freez...

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    400 Days in Roughly 90 Minutes 0

    For Telltale, The Walking Dead was where the company really hit gold. Sure there were good games on the way but it was their zombie apocalypse adventure, with well written characters, emotionally driven set ups and extremely difficult story changing decisions that were forced upon the player which allowed this particular series to stand out amongst the crowd (even winning Giant Bomb's Community GOTY 2012 by a landslide).So it is not really a surprise that it was announced we would be getting a s...

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    The Walking Dead brings life to a grim world 0

    You are in a room with a small number of strangers. You have been trying to make sense of what has been happening along with trying to survive the dangers that is in the present. There is tension in the room while everyone waits for a decision to be made. You are looked upon to speak your voice. But, no matter what you say, your choice will bring a fate worse than death to someone in your group, without you being able to do anything. And the only reason you want to continue living this life is t...

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    400 Days is Enjoyable, but May Leave You Wanting 0

    400 Days is the Walking Dead equivalent a sampler platter. It gives you just enough of each of each character to become interested in who they are then take you away to play another before things get too deep.This DLC chapter has you play 5 different people, at 5 different points in the 400 days after the infection starts, and all centered around a truck stop in Georgia. There is no continuation from the first five episode. I played characters in order from left to right on the screen where you...

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    Anything as got to be better then Jurassic Park! 1

     ANYTHING AS GOT TO BE BETTER THEN JURASSIC PARK! I'm not sure if you knew this, but The Walking Dead is pretty hot right now. So it seemed inevitable that this zombie invested property would eventually make it's way to video game form. Who was tasked to turn the popular comic book and AMC television show into a video game? Well none other then adventure starlets Telltale games, who at one point could do no wrong. But things have changed, with the release of the poorly received Jurassic Park gam...

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    New Story, New Characters, Same Old Walkers... 0

    TellTale Studios is no stranger to the point and click adventure genre lately. Their last efforts into licensed properties where Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. While their Back to the Future series was pretty good, Jurassic Park was a bit of a disappointment. TellTale is back on the adventure game once again with another popular franchise, especially it being a recent phenomenon. What I'm referring to is the Walking Dead series. This is a beginning of a new story that is a prequ...

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    Propelling the adventure genre into the new millenium. 0

    What was once the predominant genre for computer games, point and click adventure games have largely been left by the wayside during the past 13 years. Fans of this genre have had a few hits and misses during this time, but nothing has come along that has truly been regarded as a classic. That is until now. The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games is not only a fine point-and-click adventure game, it is a phenomenal game regardless of it's genre. This game will captivate you in a way that not m...

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    Fans should not hesitate picking up The Walking Dead: 400 Days 0

    There’s no doubt that Telltale’s The Walking Dead was a smash hit last year. It sold in the millions and ended up being the studio’s biggest release ever. It wasn’t just the sales that Telltale had to be happy with, since the game was given waves of critical praise by the media.The Walking Dead won so many Game of the Year awards (also my own personal GOTY) that I remember losing count when trying to tally all the honours coming in from various websites and magazines. A plan for a second season ...

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    A near-constant rollercoaster ride of action, misery and instantly-regretted decisions 0

    Honestly, I haven't played a lot of adventure games. The only one I recall in recent time was another Telltale game (the similarly episodic but otherwise incomparable Back to the Future game). But I suspect even if I had been keeping up and had a proper benchmark for comparison I'd still be rating this five stars.The less said and spoilt about the actual plot, the better. But I think the biggest (and possibly most misguided) compliment I can give it is this: I have no interest in playing it agai...

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    Walk and Talk 0

    The hype surrounding the first season of AMC's adaptation of The Walking Dead was fairly substantial. It seemed like we were going to get a thoughtful, expertly-written zombie melodrama from the guy who had so successfully adapted The Shawshank Redemption in the 90's. The pilot aired to critical acclaim, it seemed we had got what we wanted, only to then be treated to five further episodes of distinctly average writing and characterisation, sporadic zombie appearances and glacier-slow plotting. I...

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    That looks infected! 0

    The Walking Dead Ep. 1 Reviewed by Doc D StrangeFirst off I haven't read the comic's even though a buddy named Brandon swears by them. I am though a huge fan of the AMC series. When I first heard that a game was in development I had my reservations thinking that who ever was making the game would just fuck it up but I was wrong. I found out that Telltale Games was making it and I began to think "WORD!" they're a perfect fit to make a downloadable series of the trials and tribulations of living a...

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    The Walking Dead 0

    Stories in video games have never really been taken seriously. Most people view them as a way to entertain or reduce stress. Although some developers have made several attempts to incorporate drama and add a meaningful story to their games, none of them have really delivered in a way that a movie, television show, or novel could.“The Walking Dead” is a game that proves that video games can be just as powerful as any other forms of media. It’s developed by Telltale Games, a studio that is known f...

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    Fast Review! 1

    First, a small note: I fell bad for not buying this game day one.Pros - The story is freaking deep, art style is killer, I also love the people in the game(or love hating them), bluh bluh bluh, the choices you make feel like your 'own'.Cons - Controls can suck a tad... but nothing big, the game didn't allow me to shoot that murdering BITCH!(you guys know what I'm talking about)I feel like its a game everyone should play. Don't think its a much of a 'game'? Fine... A story everyone should play......

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    An emotionally charged adventure that raises the bar for story telling in video games 0

    Pros:Impressive art direction and visualsStory line is deep and emotionalLot's of replay valueDecisions can be tough to makeCons:Each episode is a little shortOccasional bugs The Walking Dead has long been a very successful graphic novel and television series due mainly to it's intense setting and deep character portrayals, and now it is making it's debut in the game industry, and fortunately the transition is (mostly) a flawless one. Tell Tale Games has successfully taken all the elements tha...

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    The most successful episodic adventure yet 0

    The Walking Dead by Telltale Games is an adventure game that puts you in the role of Lee, a man with a dark past and even darker future – as you travel the gameworld with a variety of other characters, you point-and-click in classic adventure game fashion, mash a lot of buttons, select dialog choices, and (if you’re like me) try to be as little of an asshole as possible so you don’t accidentally offend these fictional characters that are, overall, fairly well written. And then there’s Clementin...

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    Chargers from Left for Dead not included.. 0

    Walking Dead is a simply one of the greatest zombie stories. The best reason is that it is a story! No saving the world is needed, No end all be all for everyone. Its just a story of a group of people in a messed up world.If you haven't played the Walking Dead yet by this point, you really should. One of the best episodic stories on this generation. Dark humor and great story telling makes me enjoy it even when im depressed playing it. The game gets better through the episodes, simply because th...

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    Imagined Consequences Down a Yellow Brick Road 3

    The Walking Dead is a game by Telltale that prides itself on its dishonesty. It prides itself on getting the player to imagine consequences that never come to fruition, and the choices it claims to force you to make end up not mattering, and is essentially one long episode of Whose Line Is It Anyways, only missing the part where Drew Carey opens with the classic line, "Where the points don't matter."Last night I finished The Walking Dead: Episode 2 by Telltale. I was telling people it was someth...

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    Emotionally investing 0

    Having been a fan of both the graphic novel and the TV series, it was surprising how long I put off playing this game. After picking up all five episodes on steam I finally dimmed the lights and began chipping away. Perhaps I was waiting till all the episodes had came out so I wouldn't be left wanting more after each cliff hanger.I found the mouse movements to be rather clunky on the PC version that was probably my only concern. The art style, story and quick time events make a great combination...

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    Almost Impossible to Rate, or Stop Talking About 0

    The Walking Dead is one of those games that you can't really talk about in the immediate, much in the same way you feel guilt over talking about what happened in the Sixth Sense, Chinatown or Casablanca around a person still eager to have that experience. Which also no doubt makes it a hard game to write about in broad strokes, given that it's structure creates such a personal experience and all of the most memorable bits are things that are only memorable because of how they were presented in t...

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    Absolute Grade A Brilliance 0

    I've been with Telltale for a bit. I started playing their games, back when they made the Strong Bad games, and I got more and more into them, the more they embraced systems I own, such as Mac, iOS, and others. I've been with them through their first "emotional" moment (end of Sam and Max season 3), and with them with BTTF, but this is where they shine.To call this game GOTY material is selling it short. This game will go down in the hallway of history we reserve for games like Mario, Zelda, Tet...

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    Telltale's take on The Walking Dead is a great take on the series 0

    Telltale Games couldn’t have timed the release of The Walking Dead – a new videogame based on Robert Kirkman’s award winning series – any better for me. After the excellent finishing of The Walking Dead TV show’s second season, I was left with having withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of the weekly tune in with Rick and company as their story unfolds in twists and turns. The Walking Dead comic and television show aren’t just your normal, stale zombie story. Sure zombies get smashed up, stabbed ...

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    Reviews of Every Episode 0

    When the Walking Dead game was first announced, you could probably see a general type of gameplay being set for it. After all, taking out zombies is something players have been doing for quite some time. But when it was announced that Telltale would be developing the game, it was clear that this game would be very different from titles such as Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising.After releasing Jurassic Park in a complete package, Telltale has gone back to their episodic formula with the Walking Dead. T...

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    The Walking Dead Review 0

    Narrative in video games divides opinion in some interesting ways. Some say that game stories are bad, no matter the title in question, while some shun books and movies to get their fiction fix from the interactive medium. Its an interesting debate, but one thing that seems to have united everyone is The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.The Walking Dead, as an IP, can seemingly do very little wrong. A successful comic book, a popular TV show and now a game, there are few missteps despite it bein...

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    Writing and characters propel this zombie tale 0

    Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead offers a refreshing change of pace for the zombie genre. Like Robert Kirkman’s long running comic book and its TV series adaptation,The Walking Dead focuses on characterisation, story and the state of human morality in the wake of a zombie apocalypse over the mindless slaughter of hordes of the undead. Sure, there’s still a bucket load of zombie violence, but it’s a slow burn with moments of intensity that lends itself well to Telltale’s brand of adventure game s...

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    Perfect Survival Horror In The Most Unconventional Way. 0

    I really wish I could review this as just chapter 1 of The Walking Dead, because I have no idea if the quality of this episodic series will be able to last through its five planned chapters. However if Telltale Games can manage to crank out four more chapters of this that are just as awesome and spellbinding as this experience was in the first chapter, I have no problem plunking down $5 a month for the next several months.The adventure here starts off parallel to the events depicted in the telev...

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    Zombies Are Terrifying Again 0

    The Walking Dead just redefined zombie videogames for me. For pretty much as long as I've been playing games (all the way back to the SNES) zombies have been a nuisance, a menace and even a worthy foe, but they've rarely, if ever, been terrifying. In this game: they are terrifying. Every time you face one it is a life-and-death struggle, and don't even BOTHER with more than one. You are not some badass choosing between a shotgun or an assault rifle, you're choosing between a hammer and a OH GOD ...

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    Adventure games are undead 0

    I've been a fan of Adventure games since the somewhat early days. Games such as Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island and Discworld captured my imagination and my love for storytelling and packaged it up into a mystery that I truly felt part of. They gave me agency and solving the puzzles in the early adventure games was truly a pleasure (most of the time).More recently, when I look at the work that Telltale Games has put out, I've been a little disappointed. The jump to episodic gameplay and short...

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    My thoughts on the Walking Dead video game. 0

    If I were to go back to the 14 year old version of myself and tell him that someday there will be a critically acclaimed zombie tv show that I would completely ignore, he would probably call me a liar. It goes to show the proliferation the Zombie sub-genre that someone who once had a zombie related nickname (Rob Zombie) no longer cares about zombies, ghouls and the infected generally. This is why I have never taken the time to check out either The Walking Dead comic book or tv show. I just can’t...

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    A high bar has been set. 0

    My previous experience with The Walking Dead has been purely through the T.V series, and I can’t say I’m a huge fan. The characters in the show are on the most part unlikable, and act in the most pig-headed ways possible. In two hours with the game, though, I already have a genuine affection for a number characters, and absolute hate for others. Telltale have managed to do in two and a half hours what AMC weren’t able to in two seasons; make me care.This is possibly down to the fact that the mai...

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    Episode 1: kicking off well 0

    A truly excellent start to the Walking Dead franchise from Telltale. I have been a fan of Telltale games since they started bringing back the adventure game genre from it's years of obscurity. That said, I had been a little concerned that more recent releases had lost some of their charm. The Walking Dead proves that Telltale have still got the stuff. I will not spoil any of the story, but the storytelling is great, and the game play straightforward, without making the small puzzles too difficul...

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    Wow 0

    while it may be pointless to write this review before playing the final chapter of this game, i can tell that if it keeps up this momentum until the end, i may end up balling my eyes out. i have never been one too get emotional playing a game, not until now at least. i will start my review with the actually game play mechanics.(3.75/5) this game is a point and click adventure game, which means that a large amount of my time would be spent finding creative ways to open a door or ascending somethi...

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    The beginning after the end 0

    Note: Until we know if GB will do reviews for individual episodes or the series as a whole, I'll update this review has new episodes are released.Despite my familiarity with the games of Telltale, I've only played 2...well, technically 2 episodes. My only exposure to their style of games has been the first 2 episodes of Tales of Monkey Island. Adventure games have never really been my thing since they usually have bizarre solutions for puzzles or hints so vague that upon consulting an FAQ I'd go...

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    A compelling and mature adventure 0

    In 2003, Robert Kirkman created The Walking Dead in order to tell a zombie story like no other. While most films and literature in the genre had a tendency to kill the heroes or see them off to parts unknown, Kirkman's work presented an ongoing story of survival. Fast forward to present day: the comic is still going strong and the television adaptation ranks as AMC's highest rated program in the channel's history. After gaining such mainstream fame, it wasn't long before a video game adaptation ...

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    The Walking Dead Episode 5 Review: No Time Left 0

    So this is it! After debuting in early February, each episode of The Walking Dead has continued to impress and gain momentum leading up to this final entry. If you were worried about Telltale coming up short in Episode 5: No Time Left, let me put your worries aside now. The Walking Dead tugs at your heartstrings in so many ways as it provides one of the most memorable entertainment experiences of 2012.Warning! Spoilers for Walking Dead episodes 1-4Episode 4 of the Walking Dead was a filler episo...

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    Don't be Afraid 0

    Life and Death; we face these themes every single day of our lives. From driving defensively to the yearning for a pay raise from your boss; we all desire self-preservation i.e. life and death. Well, in Telltale’s, The Walking Dead, these self-preservationist ideas are put into the hands of the player.You are Lee Everett: an African-American man with a shady past; who, like everyone else who survived the zombie apocalypse, is only trying to preserve himself and his adopted daughter, Clementine. ...

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    EP 1: It Begins With Brains 0

    Like “The Walking Dead” books and television show? Shut up! It doesn’t matter! This game is such a joy and exists wonderfully on its own--the parallels to the other properties enhanced the game nada for me.The visuals are drawn and painted, which makes for a comic novel-esque vibe that just feels right.The voice acting serves its purpose, not adding to or detracting from the story. The audio builds suspense but is beautifully subdued and calming when you have a second free from all of those conf...

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