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King Gragnar
King Gragnar

The Warrens were discovered not all that long ago by curious citizens of Paineel. The underground lair is home to Odus' kobold population. Any kobold you see on the continent came from here. These dog-like creatures attack in packs and are deadly to lone adventurers. Those wishing to make it all the way to Stonebrunt Mountains will do themselves a favor by bringing a few friends along. The skills learned here will prepare many young adventurers for the battles they will face later in life. The dirty caves eventually lead to a more civilized looking, stone floored courtyard. The Erudites who have studied the region tell tales of the kobolds building an empire within the Stonebrunt Mountains with the aid of their creator, Brell Serilis. The kobolds were apparently, at one time, Brell's chosen ones long before the dwarves or gnomes emerged from the depths of Faydwer. When Brell turned his attention to the continent of Faydwer, the kobolds felt abandoned, so they rejected the teachings of their creator. The kobolds of The Warrens now worship Rolfron Zek, the Lord of Despair, as they attempt to rebuild their former glory under the rule of King Gragnar.

Neighboring Zones



Notable NPCs

The Muglwump
The Muglwump

Notable Items

  • Bamboo Splint Armor
  • Cast Iron Stein
  • Cold Iron Armor
  • Crown of the Forlorn
  • Etched Chitin Shield
  • Filth Covered Boots
  • Forlorn Bow
  • Helm of Ridossan
  • Midnight Sea Mail Coat
  • Packmaster's Lash
  • Sceptre of the Forlorn
  • Soft Wicker Armor
  • Soiled Evoker's Robe
  • Violet Flame Lantern
  • Ye Auld Ball Peen Hammer

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