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The Warriors packs a mean punch. 2

The Warriors is a brawler based on a film of the same name. In the movie a man by the name of Cyrus held a meeting with all the gangs in New York. He wanted all of the gangs to join together to create one gang that could take over the city. He says "Can you dig it!" a couple of times to the crowd and a shady character with a mullet shoots and kills him. The shooter quickly blames the Warriors resulting in them having to sneak, fight, and run they're way back to their hideout. The game shows thi...

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A fun brawler that shows that not every movie adaptation sucks 0

The best thing about The Warriors is that when by playing it feels like a good old fashioned brawler, but what is surprising is that is one of the few titles in this genre that works really good in 3D, and pays homage not to the games it takes inspiration from but also to the movie on which it's based.Story wise the game picks up just at the beginning of the film, at the gangs reunion, but then goes back to expand on the Warriors mythos explaining how they came to be, and the way they got enough...

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Brought Back the Beat Em' Up 0

The Warriors is a beat em' up and an adventure game rolled into one.  The combat system is brutal, satisfying, and works extremely well.  The combat system puts all other modern brawlers to shame and when you get a big rumble going on the action looks incredibly convincing. On top of the combat Rockstar, as they are known to do, adds layers of depth with small things, like the car stereo theft and tagging mini-games.  The style of the movie is nailed perfectly and all the additions as far as new...

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Rockstar turns a 70s cult classic into one of the best beat-em-ups on the PS2. 0

Many people are not familiar with the movie "The Warriors", a late 70s cult action thriller focusing on a NYC street gang who have to make it back to their turf in Coney Island after being framed for the shooting death of an influential rival gang leader. In recent times, the film has gained a huge following, so much that Rockstar Games and their Toronto-based studio adapted it into a action game in 2005. Like Rockstar's other action titles, The Warriors delivers a huge amount of gameplay and is...

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The Warriors PSP Review 0

The Warriors are a gang in new York city (based on a movie) trying to fight their way home after being framed for assassinating a rival gang leader. You'll be playing as a number of characters to achieve the objectives. The game is a beat them up where you can just pick up stuff (no guns though) like chairs, bats, shanks, knifes, etc. and beat the living crap out of people with a variety of moves like punches, kicks, reverses, and weapons. In the game you get help from your teammates as well. Th...

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